This and That . . .

So I gave up Facebook for Lent.

You cannot imagine how much more time I have in just six days.  I guess I didn't realize what a time suck it truly is. 

I gave up my personal Facebook - I still post for All About African Violets on Sundays, and it was very hard to go on yesterday and not look at the wall  :-D  But I did it - went right to the podcast page and posted what I needed to there, and then to my personal page - bypassing the wall completely - to post the link there, and then out!  Yay Me!

And did you watch Downton Abbey last night?  I already knew what was going to happen (because I couldn't stand the wait any longer and went out online to a British site and read all the episode recaps in January  :-D  I don't really mind being spoiled, I guess) and still . . .  And now we have to wait a YEAR for the next season.  Dammit.

I took a tumble on the ice last Monday.  Black ice - right in front of the house.  If anyone was watching, I'm sure I looked like a cartoon character trying to keep my balance.  But down I went.  Thankfully - because I am so lucky  :-) - I landed on all fours, effectively spreading the impact throughout my body.  The doc told me that had I landed fully on one hand that I sure would have broken or fractured it.  As it was, I was in a brace and a sling (for walking around) for five days.  That was enough.  Hand still a bit sore, and I can see the deep bruise in it, but it's well on its way :-)  Learned again that physical pain is a food trigger . . .   Dammit.

I have too many African violets . . .  :-D

As you probably saw yesterday, another loom is here in my house.  I had better pay really good attention at class in a few weeks  :-D  This one needs a lot of cleanup - way more than the other two did, and because it's at least 50 years old, it's going to be a lot more challenging than either of the other two.  Should be an interesting experiment.

Here comes the sun - time to get cracking!

p.s.  I wrote this this morning at 7 a.m. - guess I clicked "save" instead of "publish."  :-D


Giving up social media has been great for me. I have also found a lot of extra time. Plus I have not really missed it.
A :-) said…
I am missing it some, but it's a good change so far :-)

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