Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Back . . .

I totally forgot to turn the clocks back this morning  :-D  I just did it now, and I'm all happy that I have an extra hour today!

Been sorting through and washing the crystal that's been resting on the shelves of my wetbar.  Most of it was my mom's from the time we lived in Germany.  Most of it is Nachtmann, which was readily available at the post shopping center.  My mom just loved it . . . you can see where this is going, can't you?  What you find on the Nachtmann website now is far more modern than anything I have from those years when we lived there.  I have two little covered trinket boxes that I treasure - that's pretty much all I need, I think. 

I also just wrote to Kosta Boda in Sweden about the two "Artist Collection" vases that I have - a gift from an old boyfriend.  I can't find any mention of them online so am trying to get a valuation on them.

And then, I have to decide if all this stuff goes to the Second Chance Shop or if I sell it on consignment.  For now, it's going into the empty china hutch.  I'm checking with a few family members before making any final decisions, but no matter how that shakes out, they need to go now.

I keep divesting - keep letting things go.  It's good - it really is.  Too. Much. Stuff.

I'm on the tail end of this cold I came back with from Scotland.  Still coughing a bit - would be quite happy to have that be done, so I'm taking steps today to get more moisture into the house, and will sleep with the vaporizer tonight.  This will entail a trip to my favorite store, Walgreens, to get some more Vicks - both for my chest/lungs and for the vaporizer.

It's November.  I'm finding that hard to believe . . . I think I post a version of this every year . . .   (he put the music to Johnny Mercer's lyrics) . . . one of my all-time favorites.


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