Sunday, November 24, 2013

Letting Go . . .

This has been a really good catch up weekend.

Yay Me!!!!

The divesting here continues apace . . .  it's kind of an obsession now, to see what else I can let go.  I have to say that it feels really, really good.  It's lighter, and less energy is needed to navigate my days now that there is less and less stuff here.  I like it.  A lot.

Friday night was spent in the basement sorting all the Christmas stuff.  I have three empty Christmas boxes now, and one less ornament box.  This is a pretty big deal.

Saturday morning, the AT&T guy came and fixed my phone and Internet (someone disconnected me at the box . . . who knows why), and while that was going on, I did a few winterizing things here, and got the car loaded to head to the Second Chance Shop.

2nd Chance

I would say that I divested about half of all the stuff I had.  I have a full-size station wagon, and the back was completely full, with a couple of things in the back seat for good measure.  This was the second time I have downsized Christmas.  The first was about 6 or 7 years ago, I think.   This one was a pretty substantial downsizing, and I figured that the shop could put this stuff out right away and make some quick money for the shelter, so I wanted to accomplish it this weekend.  Yay!

Then, I sorted half a file drawer last night and half this morning.  There are six file cabinets to sort through - this one was probably one of the worst.  All this stuff came out of one drawer.  Looks like I'll be shredding stuff later today.
Drawer 1

I did find a lot of stuff - a lot of comics that I saved for whatever reason.  Some I tossed, but some I'm going to scan so I can save them.  They still make me smile  :-)

I'm really glad to at least have one drawer sorted, and I think this was the one that probably had the most stuff that I could toss.  Yay me!!!

I just keep going, looking for things that no longer serve me - things I can do without.  I mean, if I got run over by a bus tomorrow, I would really hate for someone else to have to go through all the crap in this house.  Not that I'm planning on making contact with a bus any time soon  :-D  Seriously, I just want less stuff around me.  Someone else can have all this stuff, and if the shelter makes money in the bargain, then it's all good.

So, time to head to the store, and then get started with the shredding.


Michelle said...

You're inspiring! We are still in the collecting stage, whether we want to be or not. Stuff was given to me when my grandma died; Rick's mom just moved to the area and dumped more stuff on us; Brian is a packrat....

A :-) said...

:-) It was like an alarm went off and it was time to divest.

Auntea said...

I am still cleaning out here too A. I have another trunk full of miscellaneous things that I know I will never miss. Once you get started it is a bit addicting. What I am now wondering is, where in the world was all of this stuff? A bookshelf purchase needs to be made since we gave away our huge entertainment center that housed all my books. But that is a good purchase. Bags and bags of books have already been donated, so I know these are the ones I really want to keep.