Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's Christmas Eve . . .

 . . . and I'm at home, missing another day of work.  I have been down for the count since Friday with the cold from hell which turned out to be bronchitis, and which so far has entailed an extremely horrid weekend, a trip to Urgent Care very early Monday morning, a chest x-ray to be sure it wasn't pneumonia, a flu test to be sure it wasn't flu, massive drugs including a brutal antibiotic and prednisone, and three days of work missed (with no pay because I'm out of annual leave).  Oh, and I won't be singing at church tonight.  I won't even be going to church tonight.  :-S  And it's Christmas Eve.

When you have asthma, anything that affects or settles in your lungs is always way worse than it is for a human whose lungs work like normal.  My asthma is very well-controlled.  I manage it really well - I had to learn how to do that.  But the fact that I have asthma is why I was given prednisone.  I hate it, but geez, it really works - in this case it reduced the massive swelling in my throat and neck and is keeping me from having a bad asthma attack as I continue to recover.  It's just the short course, so I'm thankful for that. 

After five days of a Kathleen Turner voice, my own voice sort of seems to be back today, and I sort of felt like I was on the upswing yesterday - but last night was another rough night, and since actually lying down is out of the question if I want to keep breathing and not cough to death, I've been sleeping propped up.  It doesn't make for the best night's sleep, let me tell you, and I still cannot draw a full deep breath without a massive coughing attack. I am tired to the point that hoofing it the block down to the train might as well be a frickin marathon in the Himalayas.

I've been too sick to knit, daytime telly sucks, and dammit, I washed my Fitbit.

What a whiner, huh?

Thankfully my Fitbit seems to still be working this time (so far),  and thankfully I was able to go to Urgent Care, and thankfully I have drugs that are helping me get well, and thankfully I don't have the flu, and I don't have pneumonia.  I don't get sick very often, but when I do, it always seems to be such a production - thank you, asthma.  Oh well . . .

Last night I had occasion to look over my blog posts from two years ago - and I realized that not much has changed in my life in a pretty long time.  I was talking about the same things then that I'm talking about now - and that got me wondering about a lot of things, but coming to the conclusion that perhaps there is nothing at all wrong with having a happy and stable life doing the things that I love. 

Time to put the kettle on for my millionth cup of green tea, and see if I can figure out the pay per view movies on DirecTV . . . wish me luck.

I hope that your life is happy and stable.  And I hope that you are not sick for Christmas. 


Linda said...

I'm glad to hear you're on the mend! So many people are sick now; my mom has pneumonia, and Ellen has the flu. Being sick is terrible all the time, but especially awful around the holidays. Keep resting!

A :-) said...

The prednisone is making me crabby. :-D