Saturday, December 6, 2014

WW Week 5

For a variety of reasons everything has been at sixes and sevens here for the past few weeks - I'm sorry about no real updates.

I continue to feel that returning to WW on November 1st was one of the best decisions I've made in a very long time.  Last week's loss was very small, but it was still a loss - and no real surprise after three weeks of substantial losses.  This week's loss was quite satisfactory and puts me just over 13 pounds gone (again :-) ).  I'm happy about that!

One of the things I have been doing is re-evaluating a lot of things in my life and trying to make some decisions about how I might want to move forward.  I know that piping is still very important to me, and I know that while I will always grow African violets, I don't need to grow as many as I have been the past few years.  Additionally, and I need to simplify their care.

To that end, today I decided to put all the violets back on reservoirs.  I have downsized substantially throughout the last few months, but I'm still finding that I'm having a little trouble keeping up with things.  So - back on reservoirs they go - it's not good for them to wilt from dryness too many times.

Christmas is in full swing - I managed to get to church last Sunday for the first Sunday of Advent.  It's my plan to attend throughout Advent, which means I'll be getting up and getting cracking early tomorrow.  Also for tomorrow my cousin and I have plans to go to the club and get a workout in.  I'm looking forward to that - after a few weeks of no exercise, I was able to get back on my schedule this week and got my two normal morning workouts in.  A third one will be a great addition for me.

Linda the Chicken Lady is safely across the country, and the house is really quiet without her and Hannah.  She's getting settled out in California.  I wonder if she's going to rename her blog!

Here's the Check In:

Weight:  -1.4
Daily Points:  32
Weekly Points:  49 (ate 49)
Activity Points:  Earned 5 (ate 5)

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