Sunday, December 14, 2014

WW Week 6

Still moving forward here - albeit slowly.  This can be a challenging time of year, I think.  There seems to be food everywhere.  I was supposed to attend two luncheons this week.  I ended up only attending one, and the food wasn't great, so it was easy to do pretty well.  But I mean really - why would you choose the most bitter vegetable to serve (broccoli rabe - I think it was that, I nearly choked on it), and what restaurant worth its salt serves margarine instead of butter????  I should have realized that last part immediately, but it took me a bit.  I did realize right away that something was off with the taste, but initially I thought it was just unsalted butter.  I had a little more on the bread I was having, and a distinctly synthetic taste came through.  And then I was irritated with myself for not recognizing it sooner and saving myself a few points  :-D

Mrs. Field's Cookies arrived in the mail.  Thankfully they are packaged two together.  All the ones with chocolate in them will go to my cousins, but there are still six types (that's 12 cookies altogether) that I could eat.  If I choose to.  And they send a nutritional information sheet!!  :-D  Most of these cookies are already in the WW database, and the cheapest in points for any of them is 5 and many are quite a few more.  That would mean if you ate both of the cookies in the little pack, it would be 10 points or more.  Yeah, that makes you think twice for sure.  Still, I'll save that nutritional information sheet - just in case I decide I would like to have one.

A friend sent me a small seasonal bag of Lindt Peppermint White Chocolate Truffles.  Those are those little single wrap balls you see in stores, but they only come in peppermint at Christmas time.  And I love peppermint.  My friend thought they might be a good thing to put in the freezer for when I might want something sweet.  At 2 points each, they would be a better choice.  The problem there, is only having one - still, I think these will go into the freezer . . .  she suggested I put them in a frozen vegetable bag   :-D

One thing I didn't do as well on this week as I was doing when Linda was here, is vegetables.  They are just never my first choice of something to put in my mouth.  I had a piece of fruit today, and plan to have another this afternoon.  And I did pick up some Brussels Sprouts which I plan to roast tonight as part of dinner.  I do have a luncheon today and I'm hoping there will be a good greens choice for me to have.  Somehow I find it's always easier to eat salads and veggies when I'm in a restaurant.

I had two good workouts this week - and a wonderful massage.  I booked massages for the next two Mondays, as well.  I really needed them.

I did go over on points this week, by one.  I realize that's not that much.  But I can see that on the weeks when I do eat every single point, my loss is not as much as I might like.

I have moved over to a meeting location that's closer to my house.  I really like the leader at the farther location, and I know I'll continue to go there from time to time, but I think I'm going to stay mostly at the location that is closer to home.  The group of people there is very nice and I already feel at home there.  Plus they seem to have more stuff for sale in the meeting room.  Stuff I'm interested in.  Plus, I like the leader there, too. 

I'm finding that I'm liking my food week switch from Thursday-Wednesday to Saturday-Friday very much.  I often use the majority of my Weekly Points on Saturday and Sunday, but I usually use fewer during the work week, so this has been working out well for me.  Actually far better than I thought it would.  Yay!!

And now, I had best get these truffles in the freezer and out of my sight . . .   ;-D

Here's the Check In:

Weight:  -0.8
Daily Points:  32
Weekly Points:  49 (ate 50)
Activity Points:  Earned 7 (ate 7)


Michelle said...

You are doing GREAT. So you can eat white "chocolate"? Like you, I find it far easier to eat vegetables - especially salads - in a restaurant . . . and I don't eat in those anymore. :-/

Ely said...

I also use the freezer as a treat holding cubby hole when I really need to slow myself down and practice portion control. But then I also try to keep the treats to a minimum in the house.

In thinking about your veggies, what kinds of meals do you make because maybe a solution could be to just toss in a handful of veg into whatever you are making. For instance last night I whipped up a quick jambalaya, and also added a bunch of kale while everything cooked. Not traditional, but I got my green in.

A :-) said...

Thanks Michelle :-) I don't often eat white chocolate (I don't eat regular chocolate at all), but occasionally I get a taste for it - I have to be careful with it, though, because the sugar bomb nearly always causes me to have joint pain.

A :-) said...

Ely - In theory, what you suggest is great. In practice I have found that I just don't do it. So, it's a learning curve for me. I will make some pasta with shrimp and forget the broccoli when it's actually better WITH the broc. :-D

I, too, don't generally bring anything dangerous into the house. Keeping these peppermint truffles is a departure for me, and I'm working with learning to manage stuff like this rather than skip it altogether, because, you know, who doesn't like a peppermint truffle once in awhile?! :-D

Linda said...

Oh, ha, ha! "Why would you choose the most bitter vegetable to serve?" because it really complements certain foods! As you can guess, I really like broccoli rabe! ;-)

Good job managing the treats! Definitely hide those mints in a veggie bag. ;-)