Monday, August 8, 2016

If It's Not One Thing . . .

Alrighty then.

Thursday night brought me very unpleasant stomach pain.  Not the rumbly in the tumbly kind - the Jesus, this hurts kind.

Apparently my body has rebelled against the giant, horse-pill Advil I've had to take since surgery.  I tried cutting the dose, but that didn't work.  I then switched back to my normal anti-inflammatory, but although I physically feel WAY better on it, it didn't work either and my stomach is still quite painful.

I called in to the doc today and I'm to stop ALL ibuprofen (the horse-pill Advil, AND my normal anti-inflammatory), take liquid Pepto Bismol  twice a day for a week and see how I feel in a week.  One of my friends told me I'm going to need a stick of dynamite (Pepto is also an anti-diarrheal).  So it goes.  I'm happy to take the Pepto and see how it works for me.  I'm crossing my fingers, and if I'm stopped up beyond belief, it can't be any worse than it was when I was taking the Norco (that's one of the side-effects).

Today was a great PT day because I was back on diclofenac - my regular anti-inflammatory - and I didn't hurt anywhere  :-D  I hate to give it up for a week, but I need to get my stomach back to normal and then I'm sure I can start it again because it's never bothered my stomach before.  I will be looking forward to taking it again.

Saturday was Stitches Midwest.  I had a wonderful day with quite a few of my knitting friends!  It was a smaller market this year - I think some of the vendors who usually come were at Convergence instead.  I did get some yarn - sweater quantities for three sweaters.  I haven't purchased that much yarn in a VERY long time.  I'd show you the photos, but it's all being dyed and will be sent to me.  The photos I took with my phone didn't turn out all that great.  But the yarns will all be here in a couple three weeks.  It's not like I'm in ANY danger of running out in the meantime :-D

These are the Naked Ladies in bloom out in front of my house.  There are a ton of them this year!

And inside the house my two orchids are blooming.  Finally.  After YEARS!  I guess they finally got enough light  :-)

I'm stalling for some reason on finishing the last sleeve of my Big Easy Gansey.  Seriously - I just need to do ONE SLEEVE.  :-D  I think I'm bored with it now.  Still, I want it to be done so I was going to see about picking up those stitches tonight.  But as soon as I got home from Walgreens with the Pepto, I had to make some white rice.  I also bought some tapioca pudding, and white bread English muffins, as well as some gelato.  I will likely have some pain from the sugar in some of these things, but I'm trying to go as bland as possible with my food this week to see if that helps my stomach heal.

It's an early night for me tonight.


Linda said...

Flipping this around: you must have a very healthy gut to be able to take those mega-doses of ibuprofen for so long with no problems! So you should heal up in no time.

And if you get stopped up, I can say that prune juice works wonders. (Just make sure it is cold when you drink it otherwise it is vile.)

A :-) said...

LOLOLOL :-) I've got some actual prunes on hand. The Pepto seems to be working - so far :-) Yes, apparently a cast-iron stomach :-D

Michelle said...

The BRAT diet (dietitian's recommendation for calming stomach troubles) includes bananas and applesauce (natural, unsweetened, please); I'd add those because they have some FIBER to help at the other end. All that other stuff you bought has no fiber....

A :-) said...

Michelle - I'm intentionally going a bit low on fiber just to give my entire system a bit of a break. I did, however, eat a banana yesterday, and I do have applesauce at home :-)