Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ten on Tuesday . . .

Today's Ten on Tuesday prompt is:  10 Things You Did This Weekend.
  1. Took stuff to the Second Chance Shop.
  2. Emptied and wiped down one shelving unit in the basement.
  3. Wiped down all the stuff that was on the shelving unit, tossed some, and put the rest back neatly.
  4. Pulled my old mattress and box spring into the hall in preparation for my new bed arriving on Saturday.
  5. Took the car to the car wash for a MUCH needed cleanup.
  6. Went out for lunch to Lassen's for burgers with my cousin ME and her husband R, and then went to Andy's for an end-of-summer frozen custard cone.
  7. Went with ME to Michael's to spend our birthday gift cards
  8. Got a haircut at Great Clips (!)
  9. Went to water aerobics at the club.
  10. Finished my 3-Color Cowl
An excellent list!  I think I only got this many things down because I took an extra day off - I go back to work tomorrow.

Here is the rest of the stuff I did:
  1. Went to the club for a workout.
  2.  Pulled out my Fall decorations.
  3. Watched the Rizzoli & Isles marathon (and yeah, I'm bummed that this series is over - it was so wonderful.  I do not know why they cancelled it).
  4. Cast on for a pair of plain vanilla socks that I'm going to experiment with.
 And tonight I have Tai Chi.  :-)

Here's a photo of that cowl:

I wanted to make this worsted weight yarn, so followed some pattern mods from a couple other folks who did so.  The yarn is Cascade Elite Posh, which is 70/30 Silk/Cashmere (and is discontinued).  I had enough left to make a hat!  It's Meret.  I probably could have gotten by with only three patter repeats, but I did four to be safe with my melon head.  It will be slouchy  :-)

I still have some of the yarn left, so I'm planning on some matching fingerless mitts.  It's been a very long time since I've had a matching set of anything  :-)

Here are the beginnings of the experimental socks.  The yarn is Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Carbon Dating colorway.  This colorway looked super fantastic in the skein - and not so great on the needles.  I had started socks with it earlier this year and frogged them.  But I decided yesterday that I would cast on and use them as experimental socks - I cast on 68 stitches instead of my normal 64, and I'm going to put the purl stitches on the outside of the sole, which is something I've wanted to try for some time.

I have one other finished object to share - these are the Burning Rings of Fire socks.  I played serious yarn chicken with them and have only a tiny bit of yarn left  :-D   These will be a gift.

Alrighty then - I need to get a load of clothes into the dryer  :-)  I hope you've had a great Labor Day weekend  :-)


Michelle said...

You'll be stylin' this winter in your beautiful ensemble! So you're one of those people who decorates? I have minimal Christmas decorations; the rest of the year my house remains the same (unless you count seasonal fruits and vegetables on the counters decorations! Ha!).

A :-) said...

I don't have a lot, but I enjoy them :-)