Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Shift . . .

Yesterday I shared my Tuesday experience of all-Wayne-Dyer-all-the-time :-D and of my plan to watch his film The Shift again this weekend.

And then, this morning in my email was the following from Reid Tracy at Hay House:
"Wayne had a dream to get 3 million people to watch The Shift during his lifetime so that people could really learn how to go from Ambition to Meaning in their life and then share what they learned with others. So far, over a million people have watched The Shift since its release. Hay House would like to give those of you haven't seen it yet and those of you who would like to watch it again the chance by offering The Shift for FREE to help us reach 3 million in celebration of Wayne's life and legacy."
I urge you to take some time - maybe this weekend :-) - and watch this movie.  They will ask for your email address, but you can always opt out of their emails at a later date if you don't want to receive them.  Other than your email, it's free to watch the film and the offer is good through September 30, 2016.

Please note that no one is paying me to share this - I have no affiliation with Hay House.

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