Monday, July 3, 2017

Murphy's Law Redux . . .

Alrighty then . . .

Yesterday, after I finished blogging, I toddled on out to the kitchen to get some more water.  I glanced at the bar, knowing it needed attention before it got completely out of hand (which it does with alarming regularity), and saw this:

Unless you've ordered from The Violet Barn before, you probably don't know what that is.  Well, it's how they wrap their minis for transport.  Yes.  I completely missed one of the plants yesterday.  this is probably not a surprise.  Here's what the bar looked like (photo take after the fact so the plantlet isn't there):

It's the catch-all of my house.  I come in and dump the mail.  And I dumped my backpack on Saturday.  And my lunchbag is there - and my book club book, and  - well, clearly there's a lot more there, as well.

I suppose I should be embarrassed, but really, this is my life.  If you were to show up at my house at any given time, you'd likely find it some state of disarray.  If you'd shown up yesterday, not only would have seen the bar like that, you'd have seen the sunroom like this:

It's Tour de Fleece - I'm spinning.  There's stuff everywhere  :-D

It's been some time since I've pulled out my wheel, and, much like my neglected instruments, it feels pretty great to have some fiber running through my fingers again.  This was Day 1's accomplishment.  It's going to be 2-ply worsted weight.  I think worsted weight.  Possibly Aran weight.  This is one ply.  I'll finish this bobbin today or tomorrow, and then start the second.

But for now, I'm happy to tell you (well, show, you, really, that the bar is back in some semblance of clear.  The sunroom, however, is going to remain a little wild for the duration of Tour.

And, in other news of the day, I put a call in to my appliance guy yesterday morning, because when I went back downstairs to pot up that remaining plant, I discovered that there's a leak coming from the kitchen and dripping down into the basement.  :-S  I'm pretty sure it's from the ice-maker in the freezer.  I think my appliance guy isn't working today because he hasn't called me back.  So, I'll have to call him on Wednesday after the holiday.  Thankfully it's not a bad leak.

Here is Day 2 of my Tour de Fleece progress:

On this holiday weekend, I thought you might enjoy this.  It starts with history - so if you want to jump right to the music, that begins at :44.

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candy said...

I have a carabiner just like yours. Funny how I noticed that lol