Sunday, July 2, 2017

Murphy's Law . . .

The last of the new plantlets arrived on Friday and I got them all potted up yesterday.  Here's a look at all the babies (leaves/restarted crowns) and newbies.

First, the babies.  I have three very full trays of leaves and restarted crowns.  I have this many because I'm hoping to have some to share at the Illinois show in November.  Here's the first tray - this is upstairs in the sunroom.  Three crowns and the rest leaves.

This is Tray 2 - also upstairs. Half leaves and half starts of Streptocarpus Texas Hot Chili.  I deconstructed what I had and discovered that it was mostly new shoots anyway.  So they are here building roots.  Other leaves are in the back.

This is Tray 3.  It's downstairs on the basement stand.  Lots of leaves of Jersey Snowflakes and also some petrocosmea kerrii, as well as some leaves of the newbie plants put down for insurance:

No real work involved with these trays until the babies sprout  :-D

Next are the newbies.

First is Newbies 1, that you saw last month.  They've been under the dome for a week or so.  They were established plants, so it's time for them to get out into the air.  That's what the Sharpie is doing.  The humidity dome is still on, but the pen props it open.  It's the first stage of getting them out and going.   Minis and semis.

Here is Newbie 2.  On the basement stand. A trailer, two species and I think a semi.

And here is Newbie 3.  Also on the basement stand. Three species, a trailer, a mini and a standard.

I have two established plants on the basement stand - my Champagne Pink trailer, and a streptocarpus, Heartland's White Gold.  That stand is going to have to be the isolation stand.  All these plantlets came from reputable commercial members of the AVSA so I don't expect any issues and I did use some Marathon (a systemic that should kill anything that might have hitch-hiked along).  But still, these newbies that are established and have their own roots already need to be isolated from the rest of the collection until November.  One can only hope that they will grow well in the cooler basement conditions.  Cross your fingers.

I'm now at 36 varieties, which is more than I prefer, but it's possible that I will lose some of the minis.  I'm definitely not confident in my ability to grow them successfully.

Murphy's Law . . .  You know, if it's not one thing, it's another. 

When I went downstairs to take photos this morning, it's clear that something in the kitchen is leaking into the basement. . .  I think it's probably the ice-maker in the freezer.  I don't think it's a leaky pipe.  I'll put a call in later this morning to the appliance guy I use and leave a message.  I'm home on Monday so maybe he can fit me in then and tell me what's going on.  That side-by-side came with the house and I'm sure it's from about 1985 when the previous owner redid the kitchen.  I've replaced everything in the kitchen except it (and the washer and dryer).  The leak isn't bad, and it wasn't there yesterday when I was working on the plants, so hopefully I'm catching it in time.

Just in case it's time for a new unit, I took a look online.  JesusMaryandJoseph.  Who knew you would have to spend close to a grand to get a nice new one?!  Crossing my fingers that whatever is leaking it easily repaired.


Anonymous said...

All of your leaves, starters and newbies look wonderful! I have missed your podcast of "All About African Violets" so it is fun to see your plants on your blog. What is it about looking at AV's? I can't get enough. Always seem to be on-line looking at the vendors pictures or others plants. Love your Jersey Snowflakes. That is just beautiful. I have about 10 AV's with 10 AV leaves down waiting for some sign of growth. Your mantra of 'limit your collection' has helped me so much. It took a while to get my collection down to a manageable number, but it is much more enjoyable now. Thanks for sharing!

Janice H.

A :-) said...

Thank you Janice! And I know - I love just checking on them every day :-D Thanks also for your kind words about the podcast. It is really amazing to me that - after all this time - people still ask me about it and share how much it helped/taught them. Sounds like you're doing very well with your collection. I was down to 16 and ramped up to 36 - it's a big jump, but we'll see how many of those minis live to tell the tale ;-D