Saturday, September 15, 2007

Holiday Spirit . . . a little early ;-)

I bought my Christmas tree tonight!! Truth be told, I have been secretly playing the odd Christmas song now and then for the last month or so - current favorites include "The Little Saint Nick" and "Hey Santa." I love those Beach Boy harmonies (and the Wilson Philips girls carried on the tradition).

Anyway - I had purchased a very nice pre-lit tree two years ago and it totally rocked. My last tree lasted for a decade, and I figured the new one would too . . . and the following spring the storm sewers backed up . . . into my basement. Yes, raw sewage. The ONLY thing that was not up off the basement floor was the new tree, used only one Christmas, lying quietly in its packing crate . . . the restoration folks (for the water issue) couldn't disinfect it, so out it had to go :-( right out in the trash. I was crushed.

By the time I got around to thinking about trees last year, it was too late to get one, but not this year!!! Ooo - ooo - ooo - oooooo Merry Christmas (Christmas comes this time each year :-) ) OK - now it's in my head - I'm going to be humming it all weekend long :-D

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