Thursday, September 6, 2007

No, I Didn't Drown in all the Paper

It just took me a while to get back to tell the tale! I've actually made significant progress with the paper in the office. In fact, I got so carried away that I reorganized the office closet and now have three more shelves for yarn! Wheeee!

What a beautiful holiday weekend it was! My "Iona Sister," Tori, was here for a visit. We met and became friends on the trip I took to the Isle of Iona earlier this year. We packed a LOT into the long weekend, including a trip to the Renaissance Faire with Linda, Jamie, Rachel and Brooke; into the city to see Wicked; tea at The Drake; a cruise on the River; and a lot of sleeping late and relaxing! The weather really cooperated - the perfect end of summer weekend. Big Fun!!!

More to come!!

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