Sunday, December 9, 2007

Got Stash?

There has been no spinning, and nearly no knitting this week. I hosted a holiday open house last night, and all available free time was spent in the last bits of party planning. Today has been spent recovering from close to 50 family and friends here. :-D You can't have a party this large without a lot of help, and I had plenty in the form of my cousin. Without her, I could not have gotten everything ready!

My wheel is back up now that I don't have to keep the house perfect, and I will be spinning in the coming days. I've actually knitted a bit - finished a sock and will start its mate this week - but it's been a fight between knitting and reading on the train lately. Current book is: Eat Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Anyway - Lately I've been thinking about stash. Yarn stash and fiber stash, both. When I cataloged my stash for Ravelry, I was truly surprised to see it go into the three figures (!) Then, shortly after my weekend in Missouri, my friend, Judi, sent me an enticing email for a "designer fiber of the month club" sort of deal. The two of us have so much fiber between us already . . . so I said, "Resist! Let's make a pact to spin only from our stashes until June 30, 2008." In a moment of weakness, I decided that this was such a good idea that I would extend it to my yarn stash as well and would also knit only from my stash through June 30, 2008.

What was I thinking?? :-D Seriously, though, I'm going for it. I seem to have acquired a really substantial amount of fiber and yarn in a very short time. A lot of the yarn comes from my recent fascination with all the seductive sock yarn at The Loopy Ewe, and I know what you're thinking - sock yarn doesn't count as stash. Sorry - it's taking up an entire shelf in the closet (the middle one) - that counts. I mean, if that's not stash, what is? Some of the fiber came from getting ready for the recent Anne Field workshop, but still - there is too much here already to keep buying more (and there is an armoire in the guest room full of yarn, too . . . ).

So, it's time to burn through some fiber and thin the yarn stockpile. Anyone else out there need to clear some space in their closet? Care to join me?


Linda said...

I hated to miss your holiday party, but Mark and I were just too tired after that long flight back from California. I spent the night quietly at home in a near stupor of exhaustion as I attempted to simultaneously reset my internal clock and make up for the 5 hours of sleep I got the night before. I have that book and will be reading it right after I finish The World Without Us. No chance I'm making that commitment about knitting only from stash...I know myself too well and will not set myself up for lots of self-shaming for "falling off the wagon" and buying more sock yarn or something. You go for it, though!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I SHOULD join you, but am I strong enough? Am I? I have sheepies creating more fiber as I type, and the yarn I have is almost all from eBay or homespun, but - but....