Monday, December 10, 2007

Right This Way, Hon . . .

When you go to the doctor, does the x-ray tech call you "Hon" in an exceptionally condescending tone of voice?

Or is it just me???

Geez, that bothers me. I suppose it's because my German last name is difficult to pronounce, but really, I'd rather they give it a shot than call me "Hon." I stayed home today and used my last vacation day of the year to have my foot looked at . . . since I woke up and it looked about twice its normal size and was pretty painful to walk on. This means I'll be working on Christmas Eve, so you know it had to hurt pretty bad for me to miss work and go to the clinic (without an appointment).

And all I got was tests, an x-ray, called "Hon," and told to come back on Thursday. Which means an afternoon off without pay.

I'm such a whiner :-S So, here's the good news: while waiting, first for the doctor, then the lab, and finally the x-ray tech who called me "Hon," I kitchener'd the toe of the most recent sock on my needles, and cast on and knit at least 2 1/2 to 3 inches on the leg of its mate. I'm pretty happy about that, actually :-)

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