Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knitting from the Stash

Well, I cast on for a sweater tonight! It's the "Point Five Raglan Jacket," from Knitter's Stash, and I've had my eye on it ever since I got the book. I pulled out some of the Moda Dea Cartwheel that I bought half price at the JoAnne's that closed near me not too long ago (OK - so I bought ALL of it that they had in three colors . . . you see why I'm knitting from my stash for awhile?! :-D).

The Cartwheel is not bulky enough on its own, so I'm carrying a thread of Maggi's Mohair Loop along with it which I actually thought I would make a shawl with, but it's a super huge pain to work with the loopy mohair all on its lonesome. I picked up the Maggi at the My Sister's Knits sale in July. I think the two stranded together for this jacket are going to be pretty interesting! I cast on and did about 2/3rds of the yoke tonight, and I like the way the colors are going together.

AND it's going to use up two big hunks of yarn currently residing in the stash! Even better - if I happen to run low on the Raspberry Cartwheel, I'm going to make the bottom, sleeve cuffs, collar and buttons out of this Cartwheel with the Maggi, which would be THREE hunks of yarn gone from the stash! Wheeeeee!

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