Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Only in Chicago

This morning, on my way to work, the Puppet Bike was rockin' it at the corning of State & Randolph.

I love the Puppet Bike!!

What's the Puppet Bike, you ask? I wish I would remember that I have a camera in my phone so I could show you a photo. Check out their website - if you click on "Dance" and then choose Dance 3, you'll see a pretty good example of what I saw this morning. The Puppet Bike is, literally, a box on wheels that houses a puppet stage. A person actually sits inside of it (a skinny person) and does puppet shows, and it's absolutely hilarious.

This morning, I heard the music and saw them across the street. "Wheeee!!" I thought, "it's the Puppet Bike!!" I crossed the street to watch them and were just brilliant. I see the Puppet Bike almost every day, chained up outside of the Cultural Center right where I catch the train, but I almost never get to actually see a show. I think the puppets usually sleep in on work days.

I wish I had had time to stop longer and actually watch them (I'm late for work - I get docked . . . ). Everyone was hustling on their way to work and, for the most part, were completely ignoring the Puppet Bike - which is really pretty hard to do, given that it looks like it was painted by Red Grooms on acid, and this morning, given that two puppets were doing a wild dance to "Hut Sut Rawlson." I was laughing out loud - it put a smile on my face that lasted all day.

I wish I had had more time - and some loose cash. The light changed and I had to cross the street away from their spontaneity and joy, and I felt bad that didn't have enough time to search for a dollar to put in toward the light bill (it's on the box). Next time you see the Puppet Bike, please feed the kitty - I most certainly will. :-)

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