Friday, January 25, 2008

Whatta Week

Why is it that short work weeks completely discombobulate me?? I can't believe how happy I was to blast out of work today. I was Crabby Appleton today! (Rotten to the core!) ===:-O (Clueless? OK - if you weren't watching Captain Kangaroo in the 60's, you prolly never saw the old "Tom Terrific with Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog" cartoon.)

Sorry. I digress. :-D Anyway . . . I am truly a Chicagoan. I know this because today, when I left my office, it was 21 degrees Fahrenheit, and it felt like a heat wave to me :-D Far too warm to be wearing the industrial strength hat. It has to be low teens, single digits or there has to be a brutal wind chill to be able to wear that hat and not have my head sweat.

I got home to about 2" of snow already on the ground. Who Ya Gonna Call? Snow Blower! Man, that was money well spent. I'm in for the night - evening plans were changed to accommodate this snow - and I should be putting the rest of the Christmas stuff away (how embarrassing is it that it's almost February and I have boxes strewn across my front room still?!). But I'm not. I'm here, with you for a bit, and then I'm knitting. And having popcorn for dinner. And watching a movie. Doesn't that sound great? :-)

It's been a busy week - I did get a lot of fiber-related stuff accomplished, however. Here are some skeins that I finished spinning over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend. They are Blue Faced Leicester - one combed and spun worsted (on the left), and one carded and spun woolen (on the right). Clearly I need more practice in carding - I don't care so much for woolen yarn, which is probably why I don't card so well as I comb.

<---- The DIY Sock Club is ready!! I'm pretty excited about this, and it's a boatload out of my stash! I ended up with 8 patterns instead of 6 - this is like two freebies tossed in for good measure ;-D
L-R, top row: Country Girl Socks w/Bamboolaine; Rainbow Socks w/Opal Rainforest; Gothic Spire Socks w/Colinette Jitterbug; Fawkes Socks w/Fleece Artist Sea Wool. L-R, bottom: Blueberry Waffle Socks w/J Wray & Co. Hand Painted Yarn; Waterloose Socks w/Socks That Rock Medium Weight (thanks, Linda!); Monkey Socks w/Duet Middy; and finally, Jaywalker Socks w/Numma Numma Toasty. Prettty kewl, huh? :-) Here they are, all ready to go! I have absolutely no idea which bag is which :-D
Time to get settled in the sunroom to watch some telly and have some popcorn . . . but, before I go, however, I must confess to having bought yarn. I am rationalizing this purchase in that it was not for me. It's for a PIF exchange partner and since she reads this blog, that's all I'm going to say about that. ;-)

Keep warm!


The Knitted Squirrel said...

I LOVE your idea of a DIY sock club. I don't have enough in my stash yet to be able to do it. But I can dream! Good luck. I am looking forward to seeing the finished products!

Yarnsnob said...

If you want to get them all boxed up in priority boxes when the posse comes to visit in February I can pick them up and if you give me some cash I will mail them to you.

Pat said...

OK I should have read your blog before I told you to post your spinning. That's gorgous. I can't wait until I can do that.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I certainly hope that you didn't fall of the stash-busting wagon for me!

P.S. Don't make me an industrial strength hat. It doesn't get that cold here. hee!