Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Sock Mojo . . .

My sock mojo seems to have gone on hiatus like most of my favorite shows on telly. I've really never had this happen before, but I'm stuck on the second sock of a pair that was going to go with me next week to the national African Violet convention (you know there's a convention for everything, don't you? ;-D) as a gift for someone . . . and I have absolutely no interest in anything sock at this particular point. How weird is that?!
Guess I'm socked out - at least for a bit. I have a hankering for something different - like maybe the Montego Bay Scarf . . .I don't know, just not socks. I guess I need to knit a pair for June for the SAM5 KAL, but we'll see. Here is my pair for May. Your basic stockinette sock, made out of Opal Zirkus. I love how they came out - maybe I need to go back to just plain old socks out of self-striping yarn . . . and maybe I just need to knit something else altogether. At least there has been spinning happening - photos of that soon!

I had the pleasure of attending a benefit luncheon yesterday for the Ragdale Foundation up in Lake Forest. Author, Joan Anderson, was talking about her most recent book, The Second Journey. I took the day off, took my cousin with me, and we had a wonderful, wonderful day :-) It was so great to see Joan again - she is quite inspiring and very very funny. She and her writing have been a great catalyst on the path back to myself that I have been on for some time.

Spring is finally here in Chicagoland - now if the temps would just cooperate and move up out of the 40s and 50s. Geez. Most of the trees have leafed out. This evidence of spring is most visible to me during my morning train commute - buildings and views are now obliterated by shrubs and trees, and yet it's peaceful and soothing to me to see all the green - something I missed terribly during my years in Southern California.


Linda said...'ll get your sock mojo back, don't worry. Much better to take some time off from socks than to start dreading them! It's so great that you were able to attend an event with Joan Anderson nearby. I know she's really touched you and made a big different in your life.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hey friend, I just posted the meme you tagged me for. (My, isn't THAT a dandy sentence!)

Anonymous said...

love the socks - I hope you get your mojo back soon :-)