Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Idling in Neutral

We're heading into my favorite time of the year. Actually, I feel like we're sprinting into it. I mean, we're closer to September than we are to July. Where does the time go? I feel like time is compressing - and I'm not the only one. A dear friend of mine was in from Colorado last week and we got to have lunch together. She feels the same way.

There is just a hint of the fall days to come in these dog days of summer. It's still hot, but it's cooling off appreciably in the evening, which is really quite welcome. School supplies line the aisles at Walgreens (my favorite store), and some kids are already back at school - which seems a little unfair to me.

School should start the day after Labor Day. Just like church should be at 11 and not 10 (like it is during the summer months). I'm a creature of habit, I guess, and like most folks I like things the way I like them. Hmmmm, perhaps I'm not the most adaptable of humans . . . ;-)

It's that time of year - in the Celtic calendar it's Lughnasa, the time of the harvest, and it's the time of my own annual paradox. Most years at this time, I find myself in this place - hurtling forward and feeling like I'm marking time at the same time. Heading toward autumn and what, for me, is the new year. Taking stock of where I am and where I was and where I want to be. Feeling like my own skin doesn't quite fit somehow. Sort of holding my breath. Not accomplishing too much in any area, but laying groundwork. And this year working on being a little more gentle with myself (that's a new concept for me - it's interesting . . . ).

Labor Day will be here in short order, and alot of things will fall back into their normal pattern - including me, I think. The last weeks of being a little out of sync with everything will ease. It's like finally dropping into gear. Exhaling. The gears catch as I let the clutch out and everything starts moving forward. And suddenly my own skin is exactly where I belong again.

I'm looking forward to it . . . :-)

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PatQ said...

I too can't wait for fall. I love everything about it. I love apple picking, decorating for Halloween, seeing the colors change. Oh, I can't wait. Every year does seem to go faster so I guess that means we need to slow down and enjoy.