Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cans . . .

Weight Watchers is doing this Lose For Good thing for 6 weeks - it's where you bring in to your meeting, non-perishables that equal the amount of weight you lose during this 6-week period. They even gave us lightweight canvas bags - which will help, since I go in on the train every day.

So last night I got to thinking that I had a lot of canned stuff that's been here awhile and I figured I should look it over. Truth be told, all that stuff (except the tea, which I just didn't get put away yet) came to this house from my mom's house. She was of a different generation - one who held great store by canned goods, I guess, because she had a lot of them.

I'm more of a fresh-market, or frozen food kind of gal, myself, but I put all the stuff in the pantry at this house because - well, that's a long story, but even after my mom died, I thought I would eventually use the stuff up. Um . . . no. See that ketchup? It's the color of Bosco. That can't be good. The Mott's - also approaching a disconcerting shade of tan . . . Geez - some of this stuff expired in 2004 . . . There are three bottles of unopened salad dressing - and I wish I could find that small size in the store today, but they are done for. That big tub - it's full of whole cloves. Probably a pound of them. She must have been going to cook a ham - or maybe she was going to make closet pomanders - that's probably what she was going to do, but they've pretty much lost their punch . . .

If it's expired, it's going out - and not to the food drive out, that wouldn't be right. It's going out out. Tonight. But isn't that a colorful photo? I love grocery shopping - I always have. I love to see what's new, and I love going up and down all the aisles. I really do - and I have friends who will not even go into a store with me because of it. Oh well, grocery shopping is a pleasure best savored by one's self anyway I think.

My mom told me that when I was little, she would take me to the store and sit me in the cart, and as we would shop, I would point to and say the name of everything I had seen advertised on the television, apparently quite excited about it all. Is it any wonder I work in Marketing? ;-)

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Kris said...

That was ketchup? scary. I was thinking BBQ sauce.