Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Space Station for Me :-(

Bummer. I just went outside for 20 minutes to try to see the International Space Station pass over Chicagoland. No luck. I got out there at 7:35, and it was supposed to go over at 7:38. I stayed out until about 7:55, but all I saw moving were planes. Oh well - it was worth a try. I love stuff like that.

So, instead, here is that superwash merino I was hoping to make socks with . . . no such luck. As often happens with "young" spinners, I was spinning much thicker than I thought I was . . . I only got approx. 267 yards, which is nowhere near enough for socks. Besides which, it's worsted weight, not fingering. Alrighty then. It's actually a bit darker - the flash seemed to wash this out a lot - I attempted to adjust the color on the screen to get a truer representation, but in person the greens don't jump out so much.

Here are some photos of my first sock club yarn!! Woo Hoo!! Turn back if you don't want to be spoiled.


This is your last warning!!!

OK - the colors are truer on this Wollmeise although again, a bit darker than they appear here. How beautiful this stuff is!! the green is called Buxkranzl (Boxwood), and the purply reddish blueish blackish is Hollerstaud'n (Elder Bush). We got a sock pattern, which is quite nice, the two skeins of yarn, a set of precious wooden DPNs (which almost make me want to try knitting with them again), a ruler that was sent only to protect the needles from breaking (I like the ruler, too!) a piece of chocolate (which I, of course, gave away immediately), and a nice note from Claudia. The theme was Homeland, and she also gave us a great German recipe!


Kris said...

Love the colors!!! OMG it's gorgeous. Lock your doors A...I don't know if I can resist;)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Your superwash merino yarn is super BEAUTIFUL! I wouldn't waste that gorgeous stuff on feet anyway. Put it up at eye level, dear, and be prepared for the compliments!