Sunday, April 25, 2010


Thanks so much for the happy birthday wishes you guys :-) And Laurie, yes, it was funny not having dinner with you and Kristi this year in St. Louis.

For the past two years I've been at The Loopy Ewe's Spring Fling. But this year, I didn't make the cut - not even the waiting list, so I figured that there must have been a reason that that happened. And as it was, a number of things would have made it difficult for me to attend, even had I gotten the luck of the draw. So, everything happens for a reason.

But here - finally - are some project photos! These are simple socks made for my Nan in the UK. 2x2 rib so they will stretch, and eye of partridge heels. The yarn is Lonesome Stone Mountain Feat yarn in the Glacier's Edge colorway. I picked it up on my trip to Colorado last May. I initially started the Waterloose socks with this and it was useless, so I frogged and went for simple. The variegation cancels out any possible stitch definition. I did knit these on 1 1/2's and the yarn is thicker than usual, so they are very cushy. Truth be told, I could have gone up a needle size.

Next is Knitting Basket. I like it a lot! I used Cascade 220 in two colors. The darker photo is more true than the other one. This is perfect for a project bag. When I make another (it takes only a couple of skeins), I'm going to try going up a needle size, doubling the yarn and skipping the handles. That should give me a more sturdy basket that could be used throughout the house for stuff :-)

And here's the stuff that's in process - an Irish Hiking Scarf and an Amanda Hat (thanks to Christina and Darthknitter for that pattern idea!), and one of the next socks. That's a plain stockinette sock - the yarn is Socks that Rock Lightweight in the KawKaw (or as KniftyRed says, CaCa ;-D) colorway. I love them - but so does my cousin, K.

You might recall, K is my cousin who absolutely loves the socks I have made for her. When she catches me knitting, she's fond of saying, "Oh! Are those for me?!" :-D

I couldn't refuse her this time, so my first STR socks will be keeping her warm this winter. Interestingly enough, I got a hole at the top of the gusset on this (camouflaged when I did the finish work). I can't remember the last time I was so careless - but K said she didn't care, so I've started the second sock and these will not stay with me after all. Guess mine will be the other colorway that was calling me - Carbon Dating.

So, my birthday weekend is done - and it was great fun - I ate far too much cake . . . I'll be riding my bike a LOT this week :-D

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Knittinggarden said...

It wasn't you...proper names can flaunt the rules, anyway, but thanks for being so responsible! And very cool knitting basket - that's a great idea!