Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Lovely Day . . .

Today I attended what I hope was the first of hopefully many more Beverly Hills Yarn Fests. Put together by Carol, at My Sister's Knits, this is the first event of its kind on the South Side, and it was GREAT!

If you missed it, you'll want to keep an eye out for it next year. Seriously. Yarn and fiber, and vendors from all over, plus some snacks (they were good - I had to take some Advil for my heels and it's always best when you're taking mega-doses to have some food in your stomach along with it).

Toni, from The Fold was there - always a treat to see her - and there were many other vendors - and not just yarn - there were bags, and jewelry and soap and just all sorts of stuff!

So - did I come home with anything? Yes, of course :-D Yarn dispensations were in place, and although Knitterary didn't think she needed one . . . she did succumb to some really lovely Socks That Rock silk thread. It's going to be one amazing shawl!

Miss Amy came home with some more roving for her new spinning wheel, as did Chris for her spindle and she got a lesson in "park and draft," and is itching to get her spindle going! And somehow I totally missed what Linda, Rachael and Jamie got! Also got to see KniftyRed and our friend, B, and well, it was just a great afternoon!

What did I get? Well, I bought one skein of yarn - yes, really. ONE. :-D One of the great things about small fairs like this is that you often find really lovely stuff by the assorted independent dyers who work the smaller show circuits. Today, I found Evermore Studios. The wife dyes yarn and the husband makes stained glass! The yarn is 100% Merino Superwash, and the colorway is Red Headed Stranger. Um . . . yeah, that came home with me :-D

Oh - you noticed that second skein, didn't you? It's called Sophies' Toes (the colorway is Gumball), and there's a story there: the story of my Water Lily Socks. It started here - and took a horrifying turn here. Well, it was horrifying for me, but Knitterary has weeny little feet (unlike my size 9 gunboats) and so the Water Lily Socks went home with her that day - a happy ending for her! Yay!

And then, completely by surprise, this morning, Knitterary walked up to me and handed me that skein of Sophie's Toes - I thought she was going to ask for a yarn dispensation for it (which I would have gladly given because yeah, she, Amy and I are on the stash busting wagon, but geez, it's important to support local events like this!!) , but she handed me the bag and said, "this is for you. I have been looking for a yarn that matched the socks since I knew how much you loved it. This is as close as I have been able to come." What a lovely gift, and it's pretty darn close to Scottish Garden. AND it's superwash (thank heaven!). Thank you, my friend :-)

Also in the photo is a very kewl bird ornament that Linda got me from her trip to the Galapagos Islands! I love birds :-) I can't remember what the name of this one is, but it looks really kewl on my board in my office at home. And you can see a crochet necklace kit there in the back, and some stitch markers down front (those came free with my Evermore Studios stuff), and the way cute sock stained glass that I'm going to put on one of the sunroom windows :-)

And way down in front you can see two little necklaces - well, one domino and one resin/photo. These are the handiwork of one Carrie Notari. Fell in love with them both. Here's a close up. "The Queen" made me laugh, particularly since it's something I've been known to say when solving a particularly difficult software issue or other work thing: "I am the Queen!!" I probably won't be actually wearing this one, but it looks pretty great on the aforementioned board in my office :-D

And how perfect are those blue birds of happiness? I absolutely love them and they will be getting a lot of wear this summer. No question about that.

After the Yarn Fest, we headed over to Panera for lunch. We actually headed for a burger joint, but it was closed, and Panera was right there, and yum! Who doesn't like Panera? :-) A quick trip to Borders for some magazines (and a Mediterranean cookbook for me - Yum again), and then home.

I'm heading into a very busy week, so this was a great way to spend the day :-) The only down side was that I was wearing my new hiking boots to break them in - and even with liners they were not great on the heels. I'm going to try different liners tomorrow and see how they go. I was happy to get home and put my Dansko's back on.

And the dryer has finally buzzed, which means I can get the clothes out and hit the hay!

Good night all, sweet dreams :-)


yarnorgy(Bethany) said...

Loved seeing you yesterday A! I had no idea you were raking in the deals! You move fast my friend! :)

A :-) said...

I'm such a shopper :-D

Wish we'd had longer to chat!

Knitterary said...

It was a fun day! Wait till you fondle the other skein I bought. It might be my new favorite petting yarn. It's from Knitting Gargoyle, who has an etsy shop but didn't stock anything in it because of the yarn fest.

Lin said...

delurking to say 'hi' and I think your bird ornament is a Magnificent Frigatebird. we see them sometimes along the Florida coasts depending on wind and storms.

Also, about the Advil, be careful of your dosage because too much can cause tinnitus (ask me how I know).

Hang in there and I hope your feet feel better soon - I wear Danskos every day and they've saved my mobility so I'm sure you are on the right track.

Linda M said...

Sorry, the above was from me (see correct sig)