Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rain on the Roof . . .

What is it about a thunderstorm that is so soothing? This Easter day with clouds and rains and bits of sunshine early on, was quiet for me. I confess that I did not even go to church today - somehow, I was supposed to be here. At home today.

And it was a lovely day - I watched a movie (Julie & Julia - which was interesting - the best bits were Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci as Julia and Paul Child), and knitted some, read bits of my soap-making books, and of course, did the laundry for the coming week - and actually got it all put away for once.

All the silk/merino has been reskeined, and PatsyZ was right - it looks quite good! I'm thinking about what I'm going to make with it - originally my yardage count (from when the yarn was purchased) was approximately 1,650 yards. My calculations now give me about 1,121 yards. That's a conservative estimate. I might have more, but it's always better to err on the side of less where yardage is concerned.

Yesterday, on my way home from the club, I stopped off to start gathering some more of what I'm going to need to be making soap. I haven't found a good pot yet - the ones today at GFS were aluminum, and I need to get a stainless steel one or an enameled one. So, that search will go on, but I did get a large bottle of olive oil, and also some soybean oil, but it has some preservatives in it so I'm not sure I can use it after all. But I did pick up some at the fresh market that is 100% soybean oil, so I'll be able to use that for sure.

I'm attempting to avoid going to Wal-Mart for the pot. I have been there, but I make a serious effort to patronize my local merchants . . . as my late mom used to say, "if you don't patronize your local merchants, pretty soon you won't have any." As usual, she was right. So, yesterday in addition to GFS, I went to Tuesday Morning and picked up a coffee grinder (used for pulverizing additives) and also a stick blender (used for stirring up the soap). I'm worried that I should have gotten a Sunbeam one, though because it has a stronger motor. I also paid a visit to my local health food store (best peanut better - just peanuts that the machine pulverizes), and my local fresh market, Bizios (it ROCKS - if you're here in the area, GO!)

Here are my latest two Baby Surprise Jackets. This pattern was created by the late Elizabeth Zimmerman, whose mission in life seems to have been to free people from using patterns . . . I'm sure she's rolling over in her grave, because I found a "cheat sheet" that detailed what to do on every row! Much safer for me - I don't appear to have gotten the designer gene, so patterns and I are great pals. :-D

The red/orange/pink one is newborn size, and the blue is more like 9 months I think. Both yarns were from my stash, and both are Lorna's Laces. The red one is Shepherd Sport Multi, in a colorway called Lodge Moore. Neither of these photos is capturing the colors properly. The red one is not quite so electric looking - and there's more pink in it than the photo would have you believe. The blue one is also much nicer looking in person. Probably I should have waited for a sunny day - but they have been in particularly short supply around here this year so far, so I did what I could :-)

I picked up all these skeins at the mill end sale a couple of years ago. The blue is Shepherd Worsted Multi in the Sand Ridge colorway. Both jackets still need buttons. I'll see if I can do that sometime this week.

The stash continues to be busted! These two jackets took four skeins out of the yarn armoire. Good on me :-)

I'm thinking that I'm going to start some socks with some of the Socks That Rock yarn that I have accumulated. Everyone speaks so highly of it - and I have plenty of skeins of it that I have not used yet. Two are calling to me right now: Carbon Dating and KawKaw. Both are light weight. I do have a medium weight skein that Linda gifted to me some time ago, but I think I'm going to start with the lighter weight first. I'm thinking that KawKaw is going to be the winner and I'm thinking just plain stockinette to let the colorway do its own thing.

I can hear the rain on the roof . . . I'm thinking I will sleep well tonight.


Michelle said...

Sounds like your day's weather was very similar to ours, although our rain was gentle and there was no thunder. We rarely get thunderstorms and downpours here.

I finished my Talia vest last week and just have to block it and find buttons. I wanted to use some neat buttons from my stash, but need 7 and only have 6. Lighter plastic buttons would probably work better anyway. I think it is going to fit me nicely and I look forward to wearing it. Now I'm thinking of making another one from stash yarn for my friend and neighbor for her birthday/Christmas present. It would feel good to start stashing gifts so early. Now I need to tackle sewing the seams on my boucle BSJ; I've been avoiding that snarly job far too long, although the baby it is far isn't born yet. I need to start another pair of socks, too, before I completely forget how. Brian would like another pair (he says the ones I made him are his warmest sleeping socks); I want to make a pair for another friend's birthday/Christmas gift; and I want to make a pair for me from one of the lovely yarns you gifted to me.

Do you follow the blog Chickens in the Road? She talked about hot and cold method soap and it was very informative.

Linda said...

Have you tried looking at one of the local thrift or second hand stores for your pot? I found a decent one for dying that way. It was an old enameled canning pot that had a few chips in it. I covered the chips with nail polish and its worked out pretty well.

I love that we're getting some much needed rain, even if the thunder scares Hannah. She had to get another doggie Xanax last night. Such a delicate flower!

A :-) said...

Michelle - I will check out that blog!

And Linda - That's a good thought, but because of the chemical reaction that takes place making cold process soap, the pot cannot have any chips or be repaired. I'm sure I'll find one soon :-)