Saturday, December 31, 2011

Countdown . . .

Could I blog every day? Maybe. We'll see. :-)

In the mean time, here's the final catchup of my 365 project. Click to biggify and see the entire shot.

364:365 City in the Mist

I lied - this one is the last view of the city. I got off the train two stops early this morning because I wanted to take photos of one last piece of public art, called Agora, that is installed at the very south end of Grant Park - and I did.

But this was the photo of the day. So much about this photo is what I love about Chicago - the architecture, the trees in the park, the train, Michigan Avenue (from the South Loop looking North), and yes, even the weather. There's something about a rainy day . . . a rainy day in Chicago . . .

363:365 Almost a Mackerel Sky

A sky like this is rare - particularly in Chicagoland in the dead of winter. But it's been warmer than usual, and mostly rainy. As I walked out the front door this morning, this gift awaited. Those trees were the ones so on fire only a few months ago. Their beauty now, is in their starkness.

So lucky to have a winter sky like this . . .

362:365 Bright Lights, Big City

One last view of this city I love so much.

It's hard for me to believe that my project is nearly finished. I won't continue for another year in the same way, and not every day - but I'll still be around :-)

361:365 Oh, Say, Can You See?

It wasn't dawn, it was on my way home from the train. The wind was fierce.

360:365 My Tree

Lights, Belleek bells, an angel, and the Polar Bear Family, along with BunBun and Winky, I like it :-)

359:365 Happy Christmas

This is my cousin, Kathryn (Mary Ellen's sister :-)), laughing - something she does alot. Her daughter must have said something very funny :-D

358:365 Christmas Eve

My cousin, Mary Ellen, outside the Garfield Park Conservatory, where we spent our afternoon.

357:365 In for a Landing

This goose landed in the retention pond that I can see every day from the train. Another gloomy kind of day in Chicagoland as I headed down to work.

356:365 The Reliance Building

Another Burnham & Root building - on the U.S. Nattional Register of Historic Places since 1970, designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976, and a Chicago Landmark in 1995 (we have an unfortunately deserved reputation of being late to the party here in Chicagoland . . . ). Steel and white terra cotta - built in the Chicago style, using the "Chicago construction method" of a steel frame superstructure atop concrete caissons. The first two floors of the Reliance Building were designed by John Root in 1890, and the rest in 1895 by Charles Atwood - the restaurant on the ground floor is the Atwood Cafe.

It fell into disrepair in the 1940's and was saved from the wrecking ball in the late 90's when it was restored. It now houses a luxury hotel (The Burnham).

I like how the more modern buildings frame this one. This is ground zero of Chicago's numbering system: 0 hundred. The corner of State and Washington. People here often give addresses by hundreds - for example, Division Street is 1200 North. That's how far north it is from this corner of Randolph and State.

355:365 Lightspace

They have music that plays out of speakers and the colors on the wands change, seemingly at random. Better at night :-) Lightscape is on State Street - it's something the city is doing to have more green Christmas lighting, and I think it will be year round.

354:365 Oh Boy . . .

Someone, somewhere is in a mighty panic right about now. At least some kind soul picked them up off the pavement.

353:365 Berries in the Snow

This is the tree in my office building again - it's actually hollow. I like how only the purple balls seem to be in focus.


Darth Knitter said...

I'm amused that your photo of the nighttime city lights is of a McDonald's sign, LOL.

A :-) said...

:-D And the Oriental Theatre (and its marquee, and the old Borders store, and the Argo Tea Shop, and the Joffrey Ballet, and a green Parking Garage, and the street lights, and some office lights, and the lights on the Wabash Ave. L stop, not to mention the Theatre District sign and Donny and Marie. It's not my fault they put a McD's in my way :-D