Friday, December 30, 2011

Yoga . . .

I said I would talk about Yoga today.


I like it.

I have had an interest in it since forever in the wayback. You know, when the Beatles did their TM thing with the Maharishi in India. That wayback.

Yoga, and meditation.

However . . .

I never actually learned to do either one very well - and now, when I really would like to be doing some yoga - the majority of the postures require major trunk twisting, and it's not best for me. Well, not yet.

I have two discs in my lower spine that the orthopedic surgeon in SoCal told me are ruptured. One gooshes out one way, and one gooshes out the other. What this means (other than months of PT and drugs I'm allergic to when it goes out, which it hasn't for about 12 years :::::knocking wood::::::) is that all those poses with all the twisting - yeah, no. Not so much.

I do, though, have a couple of Yoga DVDs that I really like. The best one is Peggy Cappy's Yoga for the Rest of Us. It's awesome! She's awesome. I saw her on PBS! I should do it more often! The other one, I couldn't find, which just goes to show that it's been an awfully long time since I did it :-D It is called Healing Yoga for Aches & Pains.

Perhaps that will be one of my goals: more Yoga. Everyone who does it, seems to adore it.

I continue to ponder goals for myself. I believe that I would like some achievable, realistic goals.


Amy said...

I love yoga. It is one of the only exercises I can see myself sticking with.

A :-) said...

How did the 30-day Bikram thing go?