Sunday, December 18, 2011

Time for another Catch up

Here we go! i'm going with the medium size again - so be sure to click to biggify and see the whole photos.

352:365 Comfort and Joy

Kind of mundane I suppose, but it makes me happy to see it here. This is my living room. I spend most of my time in my sunroom, but this room is filled with comfort and joy somehow, and I like to read here and curl up on the sofa with a fire in the fireplace.

351:365 It's Sticking!

Well, kinda :-) This is the first snow that has stayed on the ground for more than an hour. In my front yard - a yew, a piece of up-ended flagstone, a naked viburnum and a sprinkling of leaves..

350:365 That's My Bag

Somehow the only shot taken this day! A quick look down into the messenger bag I carry every day, full of the necessities of my life, I guess - an apple, my glasses' case, the edge of a bag of mini carrots, and my raggedy red wallet. The black case is the camera case, and the Black Watch one is my makeup bag. The blue zippered bag is my "electronics bag" where my hot spot and iTouch live so I can find them in this bottomless pit :-D Ah, the life of a train commuter!

349:365 In the Deep Midwinter . . .

. . .there are things blooming on my plant stands :-) These are the buds I shared almost two weeks ago. This is the most I've seen on this columnea. They are not quite open yet, but will be in the next few days or so. The name of this cultivar is "Light Prince."

348:365 At Work

This is from the tree in the lobby of the building where I work. I had to be quick - they don't allow photography in the lobby ;-) I love seeing all the decorations everywhere.

347:365 The Tree!

This is the tree I showed you on November 8th and 21st - This time with its lights blazing :-) It's the city's tree, in Daley Plaza at the edge of the Christkindle Market. I like the halos on the litghts :-)

346:365 People I Love

I've discovered that this often happens to me right after trips: I never got a photo taken for today. This photo was taken yesterday before I returned home from an awesome mini-break. I don't often take photos of people because I don't think I'm very good at it - but I like this photo of an old friend of mine and one of his beautiful daughters.

345:365 Not Ready to Go . . .

This was taken at Accotink Bay, a wildlife refuge on-post at Fort Belvoir - a beautiful and serene place, it holds bittersweet memories for me.

344:365 End of the Day . . .

. . .as the shadows lengthen and the light begins to fade. At the Wharf along the Potomac on the grounds of the Mt. Vernon estate.

343:365 Old Alexandria

Taken on a wonderful walk through Old Alexandria.

342:365 Holidays at O'Hare

On my way to a holiday weekend in Virginia. These are in the pedway at O'Hare airport.

341:365 All Together

Here in Chicagoland, there's not much separation of church and state - at least not at this time of year :-) This is in the lobby of the Thompson Center (a state building). I have not been able to find information on the blue sculpture.

340:365 Oh Dear . . .

How can it be that this was one of two photos taken today and this is the better?

339:365 Visions of Sugar Plums

On the doors of the front all closet :-)

338:365 Shades of Christmas Past

Awesome jewelry artist, Carrie Notari, is doing these beautiful ornaments for Christmas. She was at the One of a Kind show this weekend. I love her stuff!

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