Friday, February 24, 2012

Beans, Beans, They're Good for Your Heart . . .

One can only hope the rest of that childhood rhyme is not true  ;-D

I have learned that it takes TWO days to defrost the beans.  I was going to have some for dinner last night with my chicken, but they were still frozen.  So, I had them for breakfast with a flat omelet  :-D  The beans are very good - but I could add a little more spice to them.  I used only about half the spice the recipe called for because I'm not big on hugely spicy dishes.  But they could have a bit more.  And I think that I should probably hand chop the veggies next time  -  I will try it next time I make them.  That won't be for awhile, however, because I've got a 29-year supply in the freezer  :-D

Hardly any snow fell here last night.  We really dodged the bullet!  Yay!!!

I'm looking forward to this weekend - lots of fun to be had  :-)  Friends over tomorrow for a hanging around kind of afternoon, and then Sunday, I'll be divesting more plants over at the Conservatory in Oak Park.  I'm going to talk to the Windy City Gardeners!  They are just the greatest group  :-)   They've invited me to speak every year - this is the third time, and it's always really good to see them.

Any of my violet friends out there - do any of you have experience with Aeschynanthus?

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Michelle said...

If the rest of the rhyme holds true for you (not so much a problem for those of us used to eating a lot of fiber), try Beano. Better not quite spicy enough; one can always add more. :-)