Friday, February 17, 2012

Catching Up

I was up 2.6 on Wednesday.  After last week's big loss, that's not really surprising.  And I ate very salty food for both lunch and dinner the day before.  Still - stopping this little roller coaster of up/down is high on my list.  I'm working on that this week.  Managed to plan a whole day of food yesterday - and I stuck to it.  Yay Me!!!   And these books came in the mail yesterday.

Freezing Books

I did a little reading of the first Don't Panic one, and it's talking about doubling and tripling recipes - however, I figure that since I'm just one person, a regular recipe is already double or triple what I need, so I shouldn't have any trouble  :-)

I've got a great bean recipe from Linda the Chicken Lady (the link is in her comment on my last post), so I'm definitely going to try them - I love black beans!  Anything that Linda advises I will probably like because she and I have pretty similar likes/dislikes in food.  We both avoid tomatoes and we both love lima beans and beets  :-D

Part of the reason I'm planning so carefully this week is that Shrove Tuesday is coming (also known as Fat Tuesday).  In my family, that always meant pancakes for dinner.  It will probably be Eggos for me this year (unless I go out at lunchtime and have some pancakes for lunch), but still, I would like to have them, and I plan on using a lot of my weekly points for them, and for a Paczki (which is pronounced "poonch key"), which is a special sort of Polish jelly donut (could be jelly, could be butter cream, could be cheese, could be jelly and cheese - you get the picture  :-D).  Paczki's are everywhere here in Chicagoland at this time of year  :-)

I'm considering giving up bread and chips for Lent (again, in my family, even though we are not Catholic, we always gave something up for Lent).  I will let you know what I decide.

I quit with the Stevia in the Raw.  It just was not doing it for me and I decided I'd count the point for the sugar I really like in my green tea and limit myself to one cup a day.

On a more somber note, can I just say that I'm tired of having to knit chemo hats?  I don't understand why so many people I know have cancer right now.  It's making me sad and not a little angry that those I care about are seriously ill.  I just made two for a friend in December and January, and have one now on the needles for another friend and yet another in line after that  :-(

I have to go walk now.


Michelle said...

No, you GET to go walk now! Remember, attitude is EVERYthing. Think of those long months when you could not walk because your feet were killing you. You GET to walk now - rejoice and do it gladly! (Apply as needed elsewhere in your life. ;-)

A :-) said...

Not meant in a negative way at all :-) I had to go right then or I would have missed my window of opportunity to get my walk in this morning!

Believe me, I am more grateful than you can ever know that my heels are pain free. I do seem to be very ache-y this week, but I've stopped my anti-inflammatory (the doc said to save it for really bad days) and am relying on Advil again for general soreness.

Linda said...

I just had another idea for your cook ahead menu planning: pork roast. I know that poultry is problematic for you so the usual advice of "roast a chicken" isn't so good, but a good pork roast is a wonderful source of leftovers that can be frozen and eaten for multiple meals. A few slices of pork roast with some veggies on the side (even if they are just re-heated frozen veggies) makes for a quick week day dinner. Cold roasted pork is also good on top of salad or wrapped in lettuce with herbs and veggies as a bread-free sandwich. It has so many uses...I'm tempted to make one this weekend, myself!

And don't forget how yummy and quick it is to cook eggs for dinner. Omelettes...frittatas...soft cooked eggs steamed over greens or chopped veggies...Yum!

Kristyn said...

Mmmmmmmm paczkis. There is a town north of Detroit called Hammtramack that has a very large Polish population. The local news crews are out at the bakeries every Fat Tuesday.