Sunday, February 19, 2012


I made the scallops for dinner last night.  They were good, but I like my own recipe for them better than the one in the WW cookbook - still, they were yummy  :-)

Lasagna is in the oven and has about 10 more minutes to go. 


I should have soaked the beans over night, but instead started them about7 or 8 a.m.  They soaked for 8 hours - more, actually, and they are now simmering.  Thank goodness for my Cuisineart for all the veggies I had to chop up today.  I've had it since about 1980, and it's still going strong.  That's two onions, two green peppers, and spices.  I only used 3T of olive oil instead of the 4 the recipe called for.

For Beans

This morning I made the raspberry/pineapple marinade for the chicken, and it's been in the fridge all day.  Once I actually eat a piece of lasagna for dinner, I'm going to parcel the chicken out into 2-serving portions and freeze it.  It looks sort of gross . . .


The beans . . . well, they are cooking.  I'm giving them another half an hour or so, and then adding the veg.  They'll have to cook another hour after that, so since I'm going to the gym early tomorrow morning, I need to get to bed at a reasonable time.  So, I'm going to let them cool, I guess, and put them in the fridge overnight and freeze them tomorrow night.  There's only so much raw food a side-by-side freezer can take at one time and remain somewhat constant in temperature  :-)

Still - it's been a productive day.  I'm feeling quite proud of myself  :-)

I hope everything tastes good when I defrost it and cook it  :-D


Linda said...

You rock! A good Sunday of cooking makes for such a successful week! What kind of lasagna did you make? Something with not tomato sauce?

A :-) said...

Actually, it does have tomato sauce, and paste - but with the other ingredients, it's not horrid. I have found that if I make the red sauce myself, I have more control over it. I didn't this time, but sometimes, I put a teaspoon or less of sugar in, and that cuts any major acid.

It's just regular lasagna - ground sirloin, a lot of mushrooms, assorted spices, eggs, cottage cheese and mozzarella.

I'll bring you a piece if you want on Saturday - but it does have Mozzarella in it - and I think that's a cow cheese. Let me know if you want to try it.

candy said...

Sounds yummy!