Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is it the Weather?

I've been struggling these past few days.  Don't know if it's too much going on, or if I'm just not getting enough sleep.  Not eating enough vegetables could also be a factor.  Is it the weather?  After the mildest winter I can remember, it's finally cold here.  Whatever it is, I couldn't walk yesterday morning (although I did go out at lunch and got a couple of miles in walking around the block over and over), and I just couldn't walk this morning.

I'm out of balance again, and I'm too pooped to pop (thanks, Mom, for that one  :-D).   I know what to do.  I really do know what to do, so why am I not doing it consistently?

That's the question, isn't it?  I know what to do - why am I not doing it all day, every day?  Woman cannot survive on PB&J day after day after day . . .  probably I shouldn't have bought the peanut butter, but I thought I'd see how I did with it.  I'm not buying it again for quite some time.

Planning.  Meal planning.  I've never really done it.  I think about it a lot . . . maybe it's time to actually DO it.  That's the challenge . . .  Recipes usually have four to six servings and eleventy million ingredients, and four to six means I'm eating the same thing over and over until it's gone.  That's how come I can't eat much poultry anymore.  I ate it over and over until my body said, "Enough!!"

And you know, I'm gone from my home 10 hours a day.  By the time I get home, I'm usually hungry, and I'm wiped from the day, and I just want to grab whatever is easiest and quickest.  For the past week, that's been peanut butter and jelly.  And lunch has been chili from the deli downstairs from my office (at least there are some veggies in it  :-) ). 

And really, A - whine much?  What a load of EXCUSES.  This is not good. It's not best for me and my body is telling me so in no uncertain terms.

I'm a grown up.  I know how to cook.  I have a file of recipes that I've been collecting since the first time I got married.

Recipe Folder

And, I'm an exceptional planner.  I even have all the 10-hour crock pot recipes marked in the crock pot cookbooks, see  :-)


Are you seeing what's coming?  Alrighty then.  The game is on.  I've talked about this before (probably not here, but I think about it alot ;-D):   I want to find some recipes that I will like that will freeze well and be easily reheated.  And some that are fast and easy to make and taste awesome.  No tomatoes, no turkey, no chocolate.  Chicken is OK as long as I can freeze the portions so I'm not eating it more than once or twice a week, tops.

Got any ideas/recipes to share that fit those parameters?  :-)   Anyone know of a really good book about freezing stuff?

I think I have my weekend cut out for me.

Thankfully, tonight I'm having dinner with my sister-in-law at her club.  This means I will have an exceptionally good dinner that someone else made :-)  I'm looking forward to it.


Linda said...

Well, now you've struck a chord with me! I'll have to add you to the Google folder where some of us have been sharing our favorite recipes. Just to get you started, here's one of my favorite recipes for batch cooking: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/spicy_citrusy_black_beans/

Yes, there is planning involved since you have to soak a bag of beans the night before you cook these. But you can finish the dish in the slow cooker and the result is a big pot of yummy beans that can be portioned, frozen, and used many, many ways. I've eaten these beans on their own (since they are so, so yummy); topped with diced avocado or red pepper; over rice; rolled in corn tortillas and baked as enchiladas (smear some chevre in those tortillas and top with a jar of good green tomatilla sauce); as "nacho" topping over corn chips and baked in the oven (with shredded cheese on top if you have it or want it, but definitely with good salsa on it...non-tomato salsa works just fine). I could go on and on about them. I love these beans and am nearly done with my freezer stash, so I'll be making more soon.

A :-) said...

This does sound very good :-) And you say it freezes well? Yay!

I found three books about freezing - they will be here tomorrow from Amazon :-)

Anonymous said...

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