Sunday, April 8, 2012

Carb Coma

Well, I made it.  All of Lent with no bread (except for last Sunday, which was communion Sunday and I figured that little piece of bread didn't count) and no deep fried food.

Yay Me!

So this morning -  I had two toaster waffles that were left over in the freezer from Shrove Tuesday, and I made some of my grandmother's soda bread for lunchtime.  I had a nice Easter lunch - I found a little lamb roast at the market on Friday, and so I picked it up and popped it in the oven earlier today.  Usually you can't find a little 2-pound roast, so I was grateful, because I really do love lamb.

And within hours, my body has made it quite clear to me that BALANCE is key . . . Lots of carbs in one day -  probably not best.  I will spare you the gory details, and will let it suffice to say that, at the present time, no one can say I'm full of shit.


Moving on.


Seriously, it will be so much easier at lunch in the coming days - it's been challenging, and also spendy to avoid bread at lunch every day in the city.  I'm very much looking forward to having a SANDWICH for lunch tomorrow.  Probably from Subway  :-)   And interestingly enough, I'm not craving chips and am thinking I can probably do without them for awhile longer.

Here are some photos from my day in the city yesterday with my friend M.  A fun day in Lincoln Park at the Lincoln Park Zoo, lunch at RJ Grunts (the very first LettuceEntertainYou restaurant), and then some knitting at Starbucks!  It was a lovely day  :-)

And what a beautiful city I live in :-) Zoo_01

And - here's the latest look at the show plants. They don't seem that much bigger to me in the last three weeks, but I'm hanging in and hoping for the best :-) Pre-Show 04

I'm thinking that some time on the treadmill might be a very good plan . . . but I am kinda feeling like a complete day of rest on this beautiful Easter Sunday  :-)

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Kristyn said...

Way to go. It is amazing how quickly our bodies will rebel when we overindulge.