Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It Continues . . .

I still have only intermittent Internet service - Comcast, I'm really disappointed in your inability to get this right.  Apparently it's their problem (how long did it take them to figure that out?!).  They rang on Sunday and said it was fixed.  It was.  For a day or two . . .

At any rate - there is some joy in Mudville today.  I took the auto in for a second opinion, and instead of coughing up another $1,800 bucks for what the dealership said was wrong . . . I paid $306 bucks and have a new, honest mechanic who will be taking care of my auto for the foreseeable future.

Oh Joy!  Oh Rapture!

This, seriously, is a huge load off my mind.  What a relief.  I didn't want a new car and was just not feeling the love for one.  I like the one I have and really wanted it to be fixed.  And so, it is  :-)

Oh, and I'm down another 1.4 pounds today, and my blood pressure is 108/60.  Yay Me!!!

It does appear, however, that I'm not going to make my shrinkage goal of 25-30 pounds by my birthday.  How is it that that is not depressing me?  How is it that that makes me say, "well, take what you get, and then set another goal and just keep moving forward."  How is that?  What clicked for me?  In the past, this kind of "failure" would have been reason enough for me to punish myself with food.  But I'm 17.2 pounds smaller than I was on December 28th when I started this.  I'm learning that it's not realistic to set a 10-pound-a-month goal any longer.  I'm learning what my body says it can do and learning to work with it instead of fighting it and making myself miserable in the process.  That's pretty amazing.

Oh yeah  :-)

It's been so interesting to see how my body is responding now as compared to when I was 30-something.  It's a much slower process, and yet, I feel better about it.  One disconcerting thing, however, is that the last time I weighed this, a couple of years ago, I wore a smaller size.

You know what that means, don't you?  Stuff is shifting.  It's bothersome.  My measurements will be on the Stats page shortly - I have shrunk a bit more, which is encouraging, and I had to move in a row of hooks on my bra.  That's kinda nice  :-)

On that wearing a smaller size - I probably do wear a smaller size already; however, the next smaller size in my closet is two sizes smaller than were I am right now . . . I'm not buying the interim size, so I'm just wearing baggy clothes until I can fit into the two sizes down ones in my closet.  To tell the truth, I kinda like baggy clothes  :-)

And I still really, really miss bread.  I can hardly wait for Easter Sunday!


Kristyn said...

So glad things are looking up for you. I HATE Comcrap I mean Comcast with a passion. We have used AT&T for 4 years now and have never had an issue.

candy said...