Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year.  It's still early in the day - time to still consider the year in its entirety.

Yesterday, I wrote that I would like to work on the following three things:
  1. Continue with Weight Watchers and reach my goal weight and reclaim my Lifetime Member at Goal status  :-)
  2. Practice my pipes more.  This is something I have not done very well really all year.  I would play my practice chanter all day long, but you don't compete on a practice chanter, and you don't play at church on a practice chanter.  So, this is the year to get my actual piping up to the same place my practice is.  That means more practice on my pipes.  And it probably means a schedule of practice.  
  3. Get my steps back up to 10,000 or more at least five days a week.  This will take some time, but exercise is definitely on the radar for me in 2015.
 But there are other things rolling around in my head on this first day of the year . . .

Here's a new blog I'm following:  Tasty Yummies  because this is where the really good black bean and quinoa recipe came from.  It's vegan and gluten free in case those things are important to you.  I'll put this one over on the sidebar  :-)
Next, I found some interesting things to do with Mason Jars.  
You can save money using the Mason Jar Money Method, which I apparently attempted in some form at some point. 
God only knows why there were peppermints in this jar that had pickled peaches in it from 2011 along with 13 bucks. 

Or you can make a Gratitude Mason Jar.  On one of her appearances on one of Oprah's shows Brene Brown (love her!) talked about gratitude as a "practice."  I talked some about this back in November.  I want to do this in 2015.  And I want to do it in pratice, not just in theory.  So now, the question today is how do I do it?

Do I write my three things down (I'm going with three) on little scraps of paper every day and put them in a Mason Jar?  Do I write them in this funky, exceptionally light weight journal?

Or do I find scraps of paper and have another Mason jar lying around the house?

No.  The funky journal is cool, but the pages are unlined - it's really for an artist.  And do I really need to haul a jar around with me when I travel, and have it out in the house when all I've done for the past year is divest stuff?   Yeah . . . no.

Eureka!  A red Moleskine  :-)  Big enough to write in, small enough to toss in my bag if necessary.  Win-win!

Alrighty then - Mason Money Jar (and I'm leaving that 13 bucks in there), and Red Gratitude.  Wish me luck on this journey  :-)

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