Monday, January 19, 2015

WW Week 11

Pokey again - sorry.  I have been really working in the house over this long weekend.  In early February I'm going to start some major work on the house, in the basement and in the attic - yeah, nothing fun or pretty to show people  :-D  But it needs to happen, and for it to happen, my basement needs to be cleared out.  One of my cousins has a lot of stuff down there, and I had to make the call yesterday to let him know he has two weeks to get stuff out.  He's not too excited . . .  oh well  :-S

It was funny - on Saturday I was looking around down there and realized that there were boxes that had not even been opened from the move 11 years ago.  I knew I needed to get down there and start cleaning stuff up and sorting and tossing.  And then, I met with the contractor yesterday, and made the decision to pull the trigger on the major stuff that has to happen to make this house (1) dry forever, and (2) stable.  The water issues under the house are affecting things up here IN the house.  It's time.  And, the attic needs some work and more insulation, etc, as do all the windows.  I'm not getting new windows, I'm working to make the existing windows more energy efficient, and the guys are going to find and seal all the air leaks.  So, nothing pretty, but all very, very necessary. 

The pretty stuff will happen in the next round  :-)

So - not looking like any vacations for me this year.  I'll likely make it out to piping school in SoCal, but that's probably going to be it for me this year.  However, I know I'm going to like my house even more by the time fall rolls around  :-)

I was up .2 on the scale on Saturday, and that kind of bothered me, which is probably why I didn't post on time - that, and I spent about 6 hours in the basement yesterday sorting and tossing and moving stuff. I was over a couple of WPs, but I did OK last week so I chalked it up to an off day.  And then, I kinda figured it out on Saturday night - at least I think I did . . . turns out I was constipated.  TMI?  Sorry - it happens.  I'm thinking next Saturday is going to look a little better on the scale.  At least I hope so. :-D

So - short check in - I have to get back to the basement, and I have at least a foot and a half stack of paper still to shred - There was a lot of really old stuff down there  :-D

Here's the Check In:

Weight: +0.2
Daily Points:  31
Weekly Points:  49 (ate 51)
Activity Points:  Earned 6 (ate 6)

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