Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Plant Break . . .

What happens to the plants when you take a vacation?  I am lucky enough to have cousins who will stop by and top off the reservoirs when I go out of town, but that's all they do.  Still, that keeps everything alive and I'm grateful for it  :-) 

Here's a violet that was not turned for close to two weeks.  You can clearly see it leaning toward the light.  This is why it's so important to check your plants daily and give them a quarter turn regularly.  The lean is easily remedied - and quickly, too - by a half turn and then regular maintenance  :-)

Other things happen while you're away, too . . .


I took that photo on May 23rd.  Here is a photo of the same leaves (Linda Darnel - a semi-miniature trailer that I'm happy to have back in my collection) taken on Sunday:

They've grown substantially in less than two weeks.  It's that time of year - and these are semi-miniature leaves; they grow faster than standards do.  All the semis are going to town - and the few standard leaves I put down are taking their time - as usual  :-) 

There will be work for me to do soon down on the potting bench!

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