Sunday, June 5, 2016

I Learn Every Day . . .

While I was looking for Girish to share with you yesterday, I learned something awesome! 

I first heard the song on the video below on my first trip to the Isle of Iona, and whenever I hear it, it takes me right back there.  I had no idea until just now that it's not Celtic in nature!  But it's based on a beautiful Buddhist chant, and Chloe Goodchild is using the same style of chant form and English lyrics that Girish uses so well.  I guess I didn't figure it out because I don't speak Sanskrit . . .  ;-D 

This is such a beautiful and peaceful piece - and, in fact, I just typed "peace" and had to correct it.  The singer is Chloe Goodchild.

Sometimes it's good to just listen and go with the flow . . .

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