Friday, June 24, 2016

It's on the Horizon . . .

I'm doing my best to not think about my upcoming surgery.

And when I do think about it, I remind myself that it's arthroscopic and I don't even have to miss much work, and I most likely won't even have to have general anesthesia because they'll do a nerve block and twilight sleep (extra grateful for this last).

But I still think about it.

Why?  Because I'm allergic to narcotic pain medication - both codeine and tramadol.  That means I'm going to have a surgery without pain medication other than Advil, and I'm a bit anxious about it.

I asked the surgeon what type of pain control there would be for me since I couldn't take the stuff they usually use.  He said, "Advil.  800mg three times a day."  That's it.  It gave me pause, that's for sure, and I am so glad that Linda the Chicken Lady is here for a visit and will be helping me through the first days after the surgery, much as she did after my car accident a year or so ago.

The surgeon's office sent me all the pre-surgery stuff last week.  I don't drink very much at all any more.  But, when I read it, I told one of my friends, "I could use a Pearblossom martini from Gibson's right about now . . ." I know that the pre-surgery instructions and info are generic in nature and they cover way more traumatic surgeries than mine will be, but it's startling to read the part about narcotic pain killers (which I can't take) and how you need to start taking them right away (which I can't) so you can stay ahead of the pain because you don't know when the nerve block will wear off (oh joy . . . ).

My friend Michelle commented awhile ago that due to her insurance deductible she would have cut bait.  I'm still thinking about cutting bait, Michelle!  But my shoulder doesn't work, and I'm pretty active - waiting for two years for it to resolve itself doesn't seem a good choice for me.  I met my deductible pretty quickly this year thanks to the MRI I had to have for this shoulder (that was spendy).  In fact, with all the PT and other general doctor visits and drug stuff, I'm already within a few hundred dollars of my Out of Pocket Maximum for this year and it's not even July yet.  Once I reach that max, everything is covered at 100% for the rest of the year. I'll reach it with the shoulder surgery.

Part of my brain keeps thinking that I'm getting better even as I move my shoulder less and less.  Thankfully my left shoulder has not progressed - I'm hoping it won't.

And this morning I'm finishing up the "split prep" for my colonoscopy scheduled for right around lunchtime.  Oh joy.  :-D  Seriously, the prep was not all that bad.  Last time I had the pills, and this time I had something called Prepopik.  The glop wasn't glop and it tasted lemony.  Really wasn't bad at all, so that was a relief.  My bum is a little sore, though  ;-)

I'll let you know how it all goes . . .


Anonymous said...

I know how you are feeling --- anxious just before surgery. I've had several surgical procedures [gallbladder removed; lumpectomy; colonoscopies; biopsies] I was quite surprised when I had some suspicious cells removed from my breast about 2 years ago, that I didn't need any pain relief. The doctor had prescribed a narcotic pain reliever and I had a bad reaction to it. Ended up I didn't need any pain relief. I can't explain why. The surgeon was happy that I didn't need anything. So maybe things will turn out differently than you're anticipating. It is so easy to go to the worst scenario in your head. I've been there and done that!

I wish you well on your upcoming surgery.

Janice H.

Michelle said...

I think I had the Prepopik, too. It really wasn't any big deal. Praying that your shoulder surgery won't be, either!

candy said...

I hope the pain will be minor and well managed with just the Advil. Ugh....colonoscopy prep....I had to drink a gallon of salt water type stuff. It was horrible and I was weak and ran a fever.I think it will be 2018 before I'm due again. Hope your scope is good.

candy said...

Also hope your surgery goes well and your shoulder will return to normal

Michelle said...

Just in case you decide to cut bait, I remembered something when taking to a friend at church today who also has a frozen shoulder. When I had mine, some of the key events that helped in my recovery were "accident." Getting my bad arm yanked by my horse, playing basketball with Brian and suddenly jumping for the ball with my bad arm even though I was trying to guard it, etc. Each time it was excruciatingly painful and felt like something had torn inside, but each time I had marked gains in mobility. A PT agreed that doing something like jumping from a ledge holding a rope with my bad arm would probably break lose all the adhesions so I could regain mobility and heal, but couldn't recommend it professionally. ;-)

candy said...

That sounds horribly painful!!