Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Done!

Just a quick update for those of you who have been following the story of the never-ending real estate closing :-D Things went very smoothly this morning, and I'm happy to report that I no longer own my mom's first little condo. The buyer seems very nice and I think he will be very happy there. He got a GREAT deal. I mean it.

There are a lot of good memories there for me - and I was a little more emotional than I anticipated. I often think of my mom at that location and at her old duplex, which was sold shortly after she passed away. I guess that's why I was a little more emotional - I thought I would just feel a great sense of relief, but there was some sadness, too. Still, it's all good - and there are a lot of happy memories there so the new guy gets a place with good energy. :-)

Things got off to a late start, but everything went very smoothly, and I signed document after document - it's really almost anticlimactic - all the waiting and fussing and running around and going crazy, and then you sign your name a bazillion times, hand over the keys, and it's done.

It's done.

I celebrated by having a rather large cookie. Maybe not the best choice, but it was pretty tasty, nonetheless :-)


Kris said...

Thank goodness. Cheers to you!

A :-) said...

Thank you! :-) You're next!

The Knitted Squirrel said...

Congratulations! I'm glad that it went well for you!

Bethany (yarnorgy) said...

You're right about the paradox... I am also finding this process "bittersweet". Congrats on the sale though. (Our closing is set for tomorrow, btw.)

A :-) said...

Thanks Wendy, and Thanks, B! I hope everything goes smoothly for you tomorrow :-)