Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rocky Mountain High . . .

What a great trip. I have to say that this was one of the best trips I've taken in quite some time. There is something so important about being with people who have known and loved you for a very long time. Not that I don't have that here, but these are people who have known me in another life altogether, and it was really good to catch up with all of them.

I had a real appreciation for the mountains this trip - something I don't think I ever had before, or at least not to the extent I felt it this time. Lots of snow still on the peaks. It's been too long since I was back for a visit - maybe that was it, but even though the climate is hard on me there, I felt more at home than I have for awhile. It was good to be back :-)

This was a watershed trip for me in a number of ways. A real journey of the spirit - I laid some past ghosts to rest and found parts of myself that have been missing in action for awhile. It was all good. :-) I lived in Colorado for nearly 1o years. Consequently, I have a lot of friends there. Wonderful friends, as already mentioned, and I got the chance to see some of them this past weekend. No photos of them, but loved and enjoyed their company throughout the weekend.

I packed a lot into just a few days. First, a trip up to Boulder to visit Maggie Casey's store, Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins. It's funny, but when I was living in Denver, I was knitting, but I never got up to this store, besides which, most stuff back then we knit out of acrylic yarns.

So, here I am with Maggie! Yes, I got to meet her, and yes, she signed her book, Start Spinning, for me. And she gave me a total tour of the store - which is HUGE, and helped me find some mostly local stuff to buy, and she's really really nice! I was such a FanGirl. . . Thank you Maggie!

Of course I had to shop - but I didn't get too carried away. I got some pretty kewl stuff. There's some sock yarn from Lonesome Stone, in Granby, Colorado; and then that red tussah silk is from Red Stone Yarns, and a beautiful, solid maple, perfectly balanced drop spindle from Magpie WoodWorks in Grand Junction, Colorado. I also got some Bombyx silk top from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, in California - not local, but so gorgeous that I couldn't pass it up - I mean, look at those golds/blues/greens/purples. I can hardly wait to spin this stuff up. Got a couple of books, including Maggie's, a beading book, and also the brand new Feminine Sweaters, which has previously only been available in Norwegian and Danish. I just saw an ad for it from Interweave, so for once, I'm ahead of the power curve! Yay! :-D

Here's a view of the Flatirons, in case you need another mountain fix :-)

There's more - but it's time to sleep. So, Colorado, Part II will follow soon.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

You're returning, and I'm leaving. Will have to see the rest of your trip when I get back! (If I EVER catch up on emails and blogs after being away from my computer for six days....)

candy t said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.