Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's Going On . . .

My blog posts have been few and far between lately. Just a reflection of the break-neck pace at which my life is moving lately. I'm in the midst of closing on my late mom's condo (finally!), and work has been really, really busy. My getaway to Colorado seems very far away already :-(

There have been some fiber-related activities Chez A. Just not enough time, it seems, to chronicle them lately. I did finish a pair of socks for my cousin's daughter, but didn't get a chance to photo them. They were made out of Opal, self-striping. She likes them :-)

On the needles now are the Horcrux Socks - nearly done!

Here's some yarn. This is 157 yards of worsted weight spun from Gale's Art Black BFL in the Deep Blue Sea colorway (from The Loopy Ewe!), and I'm absolutely in love with it. This fiber is processed very well (IMO) and it spun up beautifully. The jewel-tone colors became even deeper as the twist went in to the yarn. I spun it worsted, so that shine you see is not all the camera flash. This yarn practically glows. I would definitely spin with this again.

I started this (and Jarlady spun it up, too!) at the Spring Fling and had thought to spin it finer, but when I did a test - it just didn't seem to want to be spun at the finer weight, and I'm so glad I listened!

Here's the front of the Empire Pullover. It's Dream in Color Starry in the Romeo Blue colorway. One of my Spring Fling purchases! I can't believe I'm knitting a sweater in fingering weight yarn . . . the waste yarn is marking where I made some mods. I have a long body, so I made the body section about 1/2 an inch longer in each section. I also have boobs, thank you very much, so I added some fullness there. I think this might be my new favorite. It's taking some time to knit, but it really does look like a starry night.

And my St. Brigid is back on the needles in the smaller size! Yay!! And on the wheel is the next batch of the Miss Babs BFL that I got last year at Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair. I started it back in January, and it's time to finish it up.

In fact, it's time to finish up a lot of stuff. I'm in what I call "Divest Mode." This means that the entire house is going to get gone through . . . the ladies at the Second Chance Shop are going to be happy to see me again :-)


The Knitted Squirrel said...

I absolutely LOVE your spun yarn! It is beautiful!

Janice said...

Your spinning looks amazing!! I need to get going on my wheel again.... But now I have a girasole to cast on and 2 weddings to plan. EEEEK!
ps. The sweater is amazing and the color is going to be fabulous on you!! You'll have to model it at the Fling next year!!

A :-) said...

Hey You Guys! Thanks for your comments about my yarn :-) I really like this Gale's Art Black BFL - it spun up so easily.

And Jarlady - I do hope to model that sweater next year! It might take me that long to finish it :-D