Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring . . . ?

It snowed here yesterday on the first day of Spring. It's gone now, but it was not a very nice day. Today, however, the sun is attempting to shine, although I think it's still pretty chilly out. Still being in my jams, I haven't gone out to check :-D

I relish the weekend days that I can spend just relaxing - today, for example.

Yesterday I went with all my tax paperwork to my accountant and got that chore accomplished. I really left it too late this year - I spent my Thursday night sorting paperwork, and all day Friday worrying that I was going to be up all night long getting everything ready.

Thankfully the reality was more pleasant. I got everything sorted and put together and spreadsheets made on Friday night (do I know how to have fun on a Friday or what?!) and got in the car, in the crappy weather to head up to my accountant on Saturday afternoon.

The news was good. I figure any time I don't have to pay, it's good news :-D

Then, I spent a rather low-key Saturday night - with DVDs and fiber and a little bit of cleanup with the violets. This hasn't been finished yet, but this is about 170 yards of Miss Babs Blue Face Leicester top. It's 3-ply. I think it's still too fat for sock yarn. I have three more bumps of this, so will spin it all up the same. The colorway is Forest Afternoon.

I finally got enough time last night to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, a Bollywood film with Shahrukh Khan (known in the Bollywood world as SRK). It's really quite good. Here's one of my favorite songs from it, Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai. I keep watching it :-D and here is the final dance - but if you're going to watch the film (Amy!) don't watch this one. There's also a great item number, Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte, where SRK dances with pretty much every current leading lady in Bollywood! I continue to love the films of SRK. Pretty much every one I've seen so far I have thought was well worth the time - most Bollywood films are about 3 hours long . . . The colors and the dancing and the unabashed love stories are such a good way to escape for a few hours . . . India is next on my list of places to visit (after Morocco :-) ). I know, I know, the real India is not the fantasy seen in a Bollywood film, but I've long felt the pull of India - and not just to see the country. There is a spiritual tug there for me, too. Not sure what that's all about, but I plan to go - maybe next year . . . :-)

Here's the bread basket I made last weekend in Missouri. It's better looking in person :-) I soaked the blue reeds (not knowing I was not supposed to . . . ) and their color ran a bit. But I like it anyway and it's not bad for my first effort :-)

I've spent some time today getting stuff into Ravelry - mostly the magazines and books I got last week, but will also be adding the fiber and yarn I got during my dispensation from stash busting. Just general cleaning up and putting away. I have a baby sock to kitchener, and another BSJ to start (people around me keep having babies!), and two Cedar Leaf Shawls to finish up. And my St. Brigid is finally calling my name again . . . Soon, I think. Soon . . .

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amlahe616 said...

I put the movie in my netflix queque. I love SRK.