Monday, March 29, 2010

Tesu Trauma . . .

Crap, crap and double crap.

The Merino/Silk that was dyed in the Tesu is moderately felted after all . . . I looked at it and thought that the skeins were looking a LOT shorter than what I started with. So it definitely shrank (shrunk?) and moderately felted. Crap.

It's still drying, and I've been able to pull a number of the strands apart so far, but it's definitely not the beautiful silky yarn it was when I started. In my frustration in getting the residual dye out, I was clearly too zealous in my efforts. I must have swished it around and squeezed it too much trying to get the water to run clear.

It should be interesting winding it into yarn cakes. Oh well - live and learn. On the up side, the color is looking to be beautiful, and I'm sure I'm going to be able to figure out something to do with it.

And on the double plus side, at least the stuff dyed in Indigo has quit stinking to high heaven.
Thank The Lord.

Here are the blues. Since we had only one dye this time, Toni gave us three different samples of yarn to dye in it. I also dyed another skein of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace. This one was the Somerset colorway - pale blue and green. There were some red dye splotches - it was a mill end. So I dyed it blue. You can still see some green, however, and I have no idea how that's even possible - I dipped this a number of times. Oh well. That's the first yarn on the left. Next is the Falklands superwash that we used for all the other classes. It took the dye the best. The third is a yarn called Great Wall, which has bamboo in it, and the final yarn is Deschutes silk. Each one different - all lovely and (I suppose) worth that nasty stink :-D

Here are two more photos - since there haven't been any for a bit. Here's my wonderful shelf, that I love and that was well worth cleaning up :-) Forgive the clutter - you can see I really do have a "basement" basement. You'll just have to imagine it with my soap-making supplies. Over the weekend I was the happy recipient of about 100 pounds of two different oils! That's a really lot of oil . . . I'm going to have a LOT of practice bars of soap.


And Michelle - this photo is for you. This is the yarn spun up from roving (Braveheart's, yes?) that you sent me for Christmas. It is so springy and fluffy - and I spun it worsted and it's still really poofy. It's got great loft and although it's not next-to-skin for me, I think it would be for the average bear. It's pretty darn soft. And it's bright white. I mean white! What a lovely gift you gave me :-) I've gotten pretty good at spinning Shetland, thanks to you!

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Michelle said...

Those blues really are beeUtiful, and oh my, what a lovely job you did on Braveheart! I biggified the photo and it is just stunning! Surprising to me that it is such a bright white, too. Thanks for sharing! (I'd make a vest from it, being on a vest kick myself. :-)