Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekend, Do What You Wanna Do . . .

A blast from the past . . . there was a video of this but it was so horrible :-D I just remember the song. Fondly. :-D

So - whatchuwannado? Got big plans?

Haircut for me and FINALLY the trip to REI that I've been attempting to do for two weeks now. The possibility of an Oscar party on Sunday, and I would like to spin the other half of that bump of fiber. Oh, and I made my tax appointment, so I'll be drowning in paperwork! But I'd like to get it all together now so I'm not scrambling at the last minute.

I'm really excited for this weekend because the weatherman says we will be in the 40s and I'm SO READY FOR THIS SNOW TO MELT AND BE GONE!!!!! Geez. I love all four seasons, but the ground has been white for what seems like months. I'm tired of wearing hiking boots everywhere, so yesterday I wore my tennis shoes to walk to work. A little chilly on the toes, but I was so happy to not feel like Nanook of the North.

Managed to get these out of the camera. I never have found the battery charger so I broke down and bought a new one - which is on its way. But I got the card reader to work. The new camera . . . I'm not loving the viewfinder, which is the entire reason I got it. But I'm thinking that I will use it anyway and see if I can learn to use just the LCD screen - I'm thinking my photos are always better, however, if I can frame them properly through the lens with a viewfinder. I don't know why all the companies are only keeping the viewfinder on their most expensive, most bulky models . . . it's aggravating.

It's the Cedar Shawlette pattern. It's great and easy, and talk about a stash buster!! Woo Hoo!! I made them as scarves, using sock yarn instead of worsted. Love it! This first one was made with Koigu KPPPM. One and a half skeins, and the leaves are made with JWrayco's Scottish Collection. Both yarns are hand wash only, so that worked out well - I love the colors and initially was making this for myself, but I gifted it to a friend of mine in Colorado. You MUST block this to get the leaves to lie down. I did find that the garter stitch band has a tendency to want to roll over, even with blocking. I have two more of these on the needles, but if I make another, I would do 7 rows of garter instead of 6, so that it would bend the other way and hopefully stay flat.

Here is my second one. Color is a little bright, but true - that's the wonky flash on the old camera (I swear, I'm going to spend the money to get it fixed . . . ). This one is made with Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn that was a gift to me (thanks YarnSnob! (are you EVER going to blog again?!)).

It was the perfect colors for my friend, C, in Colorado. I was a little worried about the mohair content, but it seems that most people are not nearly as sensitive to the "itch factor" as I am. She loves it! In fact, she put it on immediately and wore it all weekend! The leaves on this one are Colinette Jitterbug.

So, that's really all the news from The Third Coast today - have a great weekend and do what you wanna do ;-)


Kris said...

I'm actually thinking of a nice bike ride to enjoy the sun a bit. I do need to get my office/craft room under control and organized;)

amlahe616 said...

I love the purple and green one. I am spending this weekend working so I can be off for weaving on Wednesday and Friday. I am trying to work on my ulmus 2010 the year of stashbusting and finishing objects on the needles.