Thursday, March 1, 2012

Checking in - February 2012

OK - after what seems like 24 hours straight of Monkee music, I'm wondering if I can stop now  :-D  I just keep listening to my favorites over and over - and truth be told, I'm loving hearing them again.  Picking out the tracks - really hearing the harmonies and the different musical lines.  Peter Tork's piano on Daydream Believer.  The hook of the song itself, and (if you're watching the video) that dance that Davy did.

That's probably only interesting to me, huh?  :-)

Well, I was down 1.2 pounds yesterday.  I was kinda hoping for more - you know, the no bread and no deep fried food thing - but I'll take the 1.2  :-)  My measurements are slowly making some changes, too, so that's happy news.  Yay!

My trainer and I both realized this morning, that since we've switched to early morning training sessions, I haven't missed or canceled.  Yay, Me!!

I'm down 10.2 pounds.  Almost halfway to my first goal, but I think I have to speed it up a bit to make it.


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Kristyn said...

Keep up the great work!