Sunday, March 4, 2012

In Like a Lion . . .

It was a blustery, chilly day yesterday, but my friend, M, and I headed to Little India for a fun-filled afternoon.  We had a great time!!  Lunch at a very good place called Tiffin, and in and out of stores looking at bangles, pashmina's and Indian wedding attire (not that anyone's getting married, that's just what is in all the stores and it's so beautiful!).  And we visited a yarn store that is closing.  I got a really lot of magazines and pattern books.

Bollywood Day
And I fell off the wagon and bought some yarn.  Karabella.  I've not used it before, and it is less than 400 yards - and is my most perfect green . . . oh well.  I am donating some extra yarn to the Missouri Fiber Retreat's annual raffle to compensate  :-)  (I thought this was a particularly good rationalization on my part ;-D).

The laundry is nearly done, and I've actually WATCHED a Netflix movie this morning.  50/50, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan.  It's quite good and I recommend it highly.  I've also updated my Ravelry stash info - I've got a couple more items to enter, and that will be up to date.  Next I'm watching Winter's Bone.  So far, I don't much like it at all.  I'm save my last episode on the second Downton Abbey CD for later today  :-)

I'm starting to figure out what I will need to take with me to Missouri, and I have my teaching supplies set up in the sunroom - I need to make sure I have yarn for my students and that my demonstrator socks are ready in their various stages of completion  :-)   I'm teaching this year again at the Missouri Fiber Retreat and I'm so excited to be going, and seeing my gang of friends from Southwest Missouri!!   Yay!!

This will be my first real trip since I've been on such a roll with WW again.  The hotel has a small gym, so I will be able to get my cardio in on Friday and Saturday (Yay!).  Food may prove to be a bit more challenging this year since having given up bread and deep fried food for Lent, as well as avoiding poultry altogether.  I think my room has a fridge, so I will likely go to the store and get a few items so I have stuff I can actually eat throughout the day.

The dryer just buzzed . . .

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