Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stand By . . .

Of course - no Internet this morning.  I emailed them this afternoon from work and they did respond - and told me to CALL.  Buttheads.

I called and at least got an intelligent person this time.  And the service restored itself in the middle of our conversation . . . still, someone is coming out on Sunday afternoon and will also be looking at the telly AGAIN.

Cross your fingers.

In automobile news of the day - I'm reasonably sure I'm going to get it fixed.  I'm not feeling the love for a new car, so I think it best to get this one repaired and pray it lasts another 97,000 miles . . .

But really - is something in retrograde?  Today - two days before the deadline - I found out that somehow the form I filled out in 2010 for calendar year 2011, the form that ensures that all your medical claims are automatically forwarded to your flexible spending account (FSA) so that you get reimbursed for your our of pocket expenses - that form somehow never made it to the flexible spending account people.  Those folks in the know about such things say they don't have a copy of it.  I know I filled it out - I mean, I fill one out EVERY YEAR.  The person I turned it in to is no longer with the company.  I'm stone out of luck.  It took hours to download all the EOBs and mail in pharmacy stuff.  The good news is that all that stuff IS online and so getting to it was relatively easy, just time consuming.

Yes - I spent my entire afternoon uploading claims to my 2011 FSA.  I have more stuff here at home in my tax paperwork to upload tomorrow, but I can't find my cab receipts anywhere.  That's a problem.

I hate the thought that I might have left money in my FSA.  I guess it's a first world problem that I didn't notice I wasn't getting reimbursed . . . feeling pretty stupid.

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candy said...

It's a shame that the form was lost...maybe that's the reason that person isn't there anymore. What a hassle. It's amazing all the paperwork we need to do just to maintain our lives.