Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Year With My Yarn. Seriously . . .

I had a wakeup call yesterday.  Not only do I try to do too much.  I have too much yarn.

I have a scarytoomuchamount of too much yarn.

I decided that since the china hutch is sitting empty in my living room since the Hull is gone, that I would put the sweater quantities of yarn in there where they would look pretty and I could see them.

JesusMaryandJoseph.  This photo actually makes me feel uncomfortable.  There is enough here for 20 sweaters and 4 sweaters with long sleeves. And there's more that's not in there yet - at least three sweaters' worth more.  Not to mention accessories that can be made from the left-overs.

This is just not OK. It's too much.  Much like having too many African violets, it's not fun to contemplate this much yarn . . .

As you know, I have been divesting and making space in my life and home for the past few months.  I suppose it was only a matter of time before I took a serious look at my yarn stash. 

I am foregoing my annual trek up to The Fold on New Year's Day this year.  As much as there are friends I would love to see there, I don't want to be tempted to buy yarn on sale - and believe me, it's quite a sale. 

I'm looking to match up yarn with patterns and get started knitting some of this up - accessories as well as sweaters.  And you can be reasonably assured that there will be more yarn on my Ravelry trade/sell page in the relatively near future. 

I think it's reasonable to think I could have all the yarn in one place in my home instead of four . . .  (the yarnoire in the sunroom, the door chest in the guest room, there's still a little in the closet in the guest room and now the china hutch).  Guess we'll see by the end of the year how well I do with this notion  :-)


Michelle said...

Seeing as I have never knit a full-sized sweater, that IS impressive! However, I soon hope to start on Mr. Greenjeans (Mr. Browning) in my case, and also a full-sized colorwork cardigan (with STEEKS; EEK!). I'm trying very hard to use what's in my stash now, too. We will encourage each other! (Now if I can keep from stalking your Rav destash….)

candy said...

Oh if only I could knit or crochet. My mom did both, beautifully, and my daughters picked it up from somewhere, but the talent skipped a generation. I was hiding behind the door when "fiber art talent" was passed out.