Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I wish you a day of love and laughter and fun and happiness.  And I wish you a peaceful and loving spirit.  And I wish you all good things in the coming New Year.

This is a shot of my tree - my mom's tree, actually.  I still use it.  She loved all things iridescent  :-)  And this is now the only blue spruce around here . . . makes me love it all the more  :-)

Thank you for reading my blog - I think blogs are almost a little old-fashioned anymore, but I still love mine and I still love writing here, so although I have let a lot of other things go in these past few months.  I'm sticking here, so I hope you'll keep reading and maybe share it with your friends  :-)

Here is something peaceful to celebrate this wonder-filled and joyous day  . . .

Merry Christmas, and all good wishes for the coming New Year  :-)


Michelle said...

I count you among my blessings; Merry Christmas, friend!

LOVE Manheim Steamroller, although I came to them a little late. When I was going to college in Lincoln, NE I had friends who were fans of the Omaha-based group, but I didn't know who/what they were. After Rick and I moved to OR, we went to one of their Christmas concerts; it remains one of my favorite Christmas memories.

A :-) said...

I love this Christmas album - their first and - I think - their best. I went last year to see them for Christmas and was supremely disappointed :-( It was not a great concert at all - I left at the intermission. But this CD remains one of my all-time favorites :-)